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2020 CSER Coronavirus Update

LU Serve is prepared to follow state and CDC guidelines in order to support students serving on-campus and in the greater Lynchburg community. To read more about how students and supervisors can remain safe while serving, see LU Serve’s official COVID-19 Operating Plan.

Coronavirus Guidelines for CSER Students

Coronavirus Guidelines for CSER Supervisors


Can I complete a remote/virtual CSER?
For the policy on virtual CSER opportunities, click here.

I am immunocompromised. What can I do for CSER?
You may earn CSER credits at any approved organization where you feel safe. You can explore our pre-approved partners or create a CSER through CSER 399 – Special Projects. LU Serve also has a list of remote/virtual opportunities for students who are immunocompromised. If you are an immunocompromised student, please contact LU Serve for more information.

Are students required to complete CSER during the Fall 2020 term?
You can either complete CSER credit(s) during the fall, or you can wait until a future term. One CSER credit is required for each fall or spring semester a student enrolls at full-time residential status. However, you do not necessarily need to complete a CSER credit during each semester. If you prefer, you can wait until a future term to make up outstanding credits. For example, if you do not feel safe completing CSER this fall because of COVID-19, you can wait until winter, spring, or summer to make up your fall CSER.

What organizations are still offering CSER opportunities?
Most CSER organizations are accepting CSER students; some organizations are not. There are still plenty of opportunities both on-campus and off-campus. You can find a list of approved CSER organizations on the CSER website.

Since students are going home before Thanksgiving, when do I need to complete my CSER hours?
Students have until the end of the term to complete their CSER hours. The student evaluation deadline is December 11, 2020. Students should coordinate with their CSER supervisors on whether to complete their hours at a physical location or remotely. Remote CSER hours must adhere to the remote/virtual CSER policy.

What should I do if I have more CSER questions?
Please email cser@liberty.edu or call 434-582-2325.