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CSER 236-001: Lynchburg First Church of the Nazarene

1737 Wards Ferry Road
Lynchburg VA 24502


Brad Robertson, Connections Pastor, (Email or 434-352-1863)

Carroll & Jonny Bailey, LFCN Youth, (Email or 434-239-4943)

Mike Lyle, Worship & Discipleship Pastor, (Email or 434-239-4943)

Caleb Atkins, Creative Director, (Email or 434-239-4943)

Jaime Robertson. Children’s Ministry Director, (Email)

Russanna Cook, Food Pantry and Compassionate Ministries Center Coordinator, (Email or 434-239-4943)

To inquiry about serving in the nursery, please email nursery@lynchburgnaz.com






Prayer  Team: The  LFCN  prayer  team  is  a  group  of  prayer  warriors  that  lift  up  our  church’s  needs  before  the  throne.    The  men’s  prayer  group  meets  Tuesday  mornings  and  another  dedicated  group  meets  Saturday  mornings.  Contact Cecile Bourgoin for more info.

Facilities: This  dedicated  team  at  LFCN  does  everything  from  setting  up  for  services  and  events  to  our  beautiful  landscaping.    There  is  a  lot  of  ?behind  the  scenes?  opportunities  for  all  levels  of  skilled  volunteers.  Contact Doug Fry for more info.

Food Pantry: The  LFCN  Food  Pantry  feeds  80+  families  on  a  weekly  basis.    Although  the  food  boxes  are  handed  out  on  Wednesday  mornings,  they  have  opportunities  for  service  every  day  of  the  week.  Contact Doug Fry for more info.

Meal Team: The  LFCN  Meal  Team  serves  those  in  need  of  meals  while  recovering  from  a  surgery,  illness,  birth,  or  any  other  event  where  meals  would  help  take  away  a  burden.  We  also  provide  funeral  meals  for  those  within  our  congregation.  We  work  with  LFCN  life  groups  to  supplement  the  meal  needs.  Volunteers  make  and  deliver  meals  as  often  as  they’d  like  when  a  meal  team  request  goes  out.  Even  volunteers  willing  to  pick  up  and  deliver  take  out  or  a  pizza  are  needed!  Meal  requests  are  organized  and  sent  out  online.    Contact Russanna Cook for more info.

Technology: Worship/Loving  God  is  the  first  key  component  to  the  entire  mission  of  LFCN.  Our  worship  technology  team  plays  a  large  role  in  helping  others  to  have  a  comfortable  and  impacting  weekly  corporate  worship  experience.  When  we’re  not  all  together,  we  also  connect  to  Lynchburg  &  beyond  through  our  website,  through  social  networking,  and  through  our  mobile  app!(experience NOT  required!)  Contact Caleb Atkins for more info.

Nursery: The  LFCN  Nursery  Ministry  exists  to  provide  a  safe,  nurturing  environment  for  children  ages  six  weeks  through  three  years  old  during  LFCN  services  and  events.  Our  nursery  utilizes  loving  caregivers  who  have  a  heart  for  children  and  families  to  serve!  Caregivers  must  be  at  least  15  years  old  and  must  be  willing  to  submit  a  background  check  (provided  by  LFCN).  We  can  use  all  gifts  and  talents  on  our  nursery  team  for  caregivers,  greeters,  and  those  willing  to  set  up  and  organize  the  nursery  on  a  weekly  basis.  Contact Russanna Cook for more info.

Children’s  Ministry: Children’s  Ministry’s  vision  is  to  partner  with  parents  in  leading  their  children  into  an  active  relationship  with  God  and  teaching  them  to  walk  with  Him  and  be  His  servants  throughout  their  lives.    If  you  have  a  passion  for  leading  our  young  children  towards  Christ’s,  then  we  have  a  spot  for  you!  Also  must  be  willing  to  submit  a  background  check  (provided  by  LFCN).  Contact Mike McKenzie for more info.

Student Ministries: Student  ministries  is  the  6th  –  12th  grade  student  ministry  of  LFCN.    Our  mission  as  the  next  generation  of  our  church  is  to  Love  God,  Love  Others,  and  Serve  Both.   Also  must  be  willing  to  submit  a  background  check  (provided  by  LFCN).    Ways  to  Serve:  –  Wednesday  Night  youth  services  (6:30  –  8:30  PM)  -Sunday  School  (Jr.  &  Sr.  High)  –  9:45-10:45AM  -LifeGroups    –  Special  Events  /  Trips  –  Administration  /  Office  work.  Contact Carroll & Jonny Bailey for more info.

Connections:  Connections  is  the  visitor  and  guest  hospitality  ministry  of  LFCN.    We  strive  to  make  a  great  first  impression  (we  only  get  one  chance)  in  order  to  effectively  show  God’s  love.    We  want  our  guests  &  visitors  to  feel  Welcomed,  Appreciated,  Valued,  &  Encouraged!  Ways  to  Serve:  -Parking  lot-huge  need  (before  &  after  service)  -Golf  cart  drivers-  big  need(before  &  after  service)  -Greeters  (before  &  after  service)  -Coffee  Bar  attendants  –  before  service  /  clean-up-Ushers  –  During  service  taking  up  offering  -Lead  Ushers  –  Before  &  during  service,  greeting,  helping  people  find  seats,  taking  up  offering  -Connect  Room  (after  service)  New  ways  to  help  (no  one  currently  serving  in  this  capacity)  -Administration  /  Scheduling  help  -Visitor  /  Guest  follow-up.  Contact Brad Robertson for more info.

Office:The  LFCN  office  is  a  central  part  to  how  we  operate  on  a  day  to  day  basis.    Opportunities  are  available  to  those  who  wish  to  help  put  together  bulletins,  answer  phones,  and  much  more.  Contact Amanda Hamlin for more info.

Recovery Ministry: Recovery  is  a  recovery/discipleship  ministry  helping,  loving,  and  walking  with  those  who  are  hurt,  struggling,  stuck  and/or  addicted.  From  anger  to  relational  brokenness  to  substance  abuse,  we  can  relate  and  we  are  here…loving  and  serving  others.    -how  to  help:  Begin  showing  up  on  a  regular  basis,  being  a  great  listener  and  one  who  is  slow  to  speak.  We  are  not  counselors  and  we  don’t  pretend  to  be,  but  we  do  want  to  walk  with  others  who  are  in  need  of  counseling,  detox,  and/or  legal  counsel.  Contact Brad Robertson or Cecile Bourgoin for more info.

Worship Team: Our wonderful worship team leads us closure to  The  Thrown thru the means of music.    However,  you do not need to have musical talent  to help!  (see  below)  -Stage  Design help  (building sets,  painting,  organizing supplies)  –  Musicians  –  Vocalists  –  Worship  Administration  (organizing music into folders,  helping to keep folders up to date, organizing sound equipment and cleaning stage)  Contact Mike Lyle for more info.

Bible Studies:  We have  Bible  Studies available  Wednesday evening and Sunday mornings. Sunday  School consists of age-level  Bible  classes on  Sunday morning.    Sunday school classes are available for all ages and they all need to  be resourced.  –  Sunday  School  Office  Help  (organize  Sunday school material into folders,  pick up the Sunday school folders from all the classrooms,  distribute  Sunday school material to classrooms).  –  Sunday  School  Teacher  Assistant  (help  take  attendance,  set  up  classroom,  teach  in  teacher’s  absence,  contact people in class,  aid in communication)  Contact Mike Lyle for more info.


To work with minors there are added requirements and much more thorough process including:

-References check
-Background check
-Required Child abuse training

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