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TimeSaver for Salaried Employees

Q: When will a new salaried employee be able to enter paid time off requests in TimeSaver?

A: Once the employee has reached his/her eligibility date (61 days for sick days, 180 days for vacation days), the Benefit Balance Calendar in TimeSaver will show how many days the employee is allowed to take for the remainder of the year. The system will not allow an employee to enter vacation or sick days until after he/she becomes eligible.

Q: Will a salaried employee still send P-1s to HR for vacation/sick/holiday days?

A: Effective January 1, 2011, paper P-1s will no longer be used. All vacation, sick and holiday request must be entered into TimeSaver.

Q: How will the employee know if their request for vacation/sick has been approved?

A: When an employee requests a vacation/sick day in TimeSaver, the request will be highlighted in yellow until the manager approves or denies the request. Once the request is approved the request will turn green and the hours will be subtracted from the employee’s benefit balance.

Q: If an employee requests paid time off and then wants to cancel, what does he/she need to do?

A: If the request has not been approved by the manager, the employee can delete the request. To delete a non-approved request, go to benefits tab, double click on the requested day, and then click on the delete button at the bottom of the screen. If the request has been approved by the manager, only the manager can delete the request. The employee will need to contact his/her manager to delete requests that have already been approved.

Q: How does TimeSaver handle paid holidays?

A: Every salaried employee must enter a request in TimeSaver for each paid holiday once the holiday shows in his/her Benefit Balance Calendar. The holiday will only show on your Benefit Calendar three days prior to the holiday. Holidays are not allowed to be used prior to the actual holiday with the exception of holidays that fall on Monday. Employees are allowed to take the Friday before the holiday if approved by their manager. Employees are eligible for paid holidays immediately.

Q: What does a salaried employee need to do if he/she works on a paid holiday?

A: If an employee is approved by his/her manager to work on a paid holiday, he/she will ‘bank’ that holiday and will be able to request to use the holiday at a later time during the year. No entry will need to be made in TimeSaver. The Benefit Balance Calendar will continue to show the holiday hours available to take until the holiday is requested.

Q: If an employee transfers from hourly to salary, will the benefit balance calendar still be correct?

Q: If a salaried employee leaves the University, will he/she be paid for any remaining days shown on his/her Benefit Balance Calendar?

A: When an employee ends his/her employment with the University, he/she will be paid for earned, unused vacation days. The Benefit Balance calendar shows the number of allowed days for the year. The number of days earned does not show on the Benefit Balance Calendar. The number of earned days remaining will be calculated in the Human Resources Office and will be paid with the employee’s final check. Employees are not paid for unused sick days.

Q: How does a salaried employee request a Leave of Absence?

A: A paper P-1 will need to be completed and approved by the manager and forwarded to HR. Leave of Absences cannot be entered into TimeSaver. See the Staff Employee handbook to see policies concerning a Leave of Absence.

Q: If a salaried employee has used all of his/her paid time off for the year and needs to take more time, how does the salaried employee request unpaid time off?

A: Unpaid days can only be taken if the employee has used all of their paid time off. To request unpaid time off, a P-1 will need to be turned into the manager, who will approve or deny the request and then forward the P-1 to Human Resources.

Q: How does an employee request paid time off for Bereavement, Jury Duty and Professional time?

A: The salaried employee will request these types of time off by using a P1 form.

Q: When does a salaried employee enter requests for vacation/sick days? Can a day be added after the payroll date?

A: All vacation/sick days need to be requested and approved in TimeSaver prior to the pay date.

Q: If a salaried employee works from a location away from campus, can they still use TimeSaver?

A: TimeSaver can be accessed through Liberty’s VPN.

Q: What happens if I forget my password?

A: Your manager has the ability to reset passwords. See your manager for this.

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