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TimeSaver for Hourly Employees

1. How computer literate does an employee need to be to utilize the system?

  • TimeSaver is a user-friendly system.
  • To clock in or out:
  • Open TimeSaver from your desktop.
  • Enter your Username and password that is supplied to you by your manager.
  • Click the ‘Add punch’ button.
  • Click OK to confirm.
  • The system will automatically log out.


2. Is Timesaver compatible with any other web browser other than Internet Explorer?

  • Timesaver should only be opened using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. If using Firefox, you should have the most recent version.


3. Does Timesaver work on Macintosh computers?

  • It can be used on Macintosh computers as long as Firefox 3.0 or greater is used.


4. What if TimeSaver keeps refreshing the log-in page when I try to log-in? I don’t get an error message; I just simply enter my username and password and can’t get in.

Fixing Timesaver When It Keeps Refreshing The Log-in Page

  • If this fails, please write document the time you were attempting to log-in/out. E-mail hr@liberty.edu stating that you were having difficulty logging in/out. Include your TimeSaver username and the time you attempted to log-in. Payroll will forward your issue to TimeSaver for further research.


5. How many employees would you recommend to use each computer?

  • You can have an unlimited number of users on the same PC.


6. What is the estimated time it takes for an employee to clock in or out on the computer?

  • About 15 seconds.


7. Can student workers use Timesaver?

  • Yes, students will be required to use Timesaver once they have been trained. Students will need to see their manager for instructions on TimeSaver training as this is handled by each department individually.


8. I typed in my username and password, but I do not see the icon that states “Add Punch”.

  • First, be sure to maximize your screen and you should be able to see the icon. If that does not solve the problem, check the bottom of the screen to see if the time has been approved by your manager. If the time has already been approved by your manager, you will need to see your manager to correct this issue. If both of these options fail to fix the problem, contact payroll via the e-mail address hr@liberty.edu.


9. Our Department has employees that do not work on campus. How will these employees record their time?

  • If you work off-site, you will need to have your manager contact payroll via e-mail at hr@liberty.edu.


10. If an employee calls in sick on the last day of the payroll, how will they be paid for that day?

  • If an employee is out, it will be the manager’s responsibility to add the day in on the employee’s behalf. Each manager received notes on this process. If the manager has misplaced these instructions they can contact payroll via the e-mail address hr@liberty.edu, and payroll will re-send these instructions.


11. How does an employee “bank” or save a holiday to use later?

  • Hourly employees will no longer need to request to “bank” a holiday. If an employee chooses to work on a scheduled holiday and it has been approved by the manager, the holiday hours will stay in the benefits tab until he/she requests the holiday time to be used at a later date and the employee will be paid from his/her time worked. Holiday’s must be used by the end of the year as they cannot be carried over


12. Can an employee request paid time off in single-hour increments?

  • No, employees can only use paid time off in 4 or 8-hour increments.


13. Will an hourly employee still send P-1s to HR for paid time off?

  • Vacation, sick, and holiday days will need to be entered into TimeSaver. Bereavement, professional development, and/or jury duty will still be submitted via a P-1 form.


14. If an employee requests paid time off and then wants to cancel, can they do that?

  • If the request has not been approved by the supervisor, the employee can delete the request. Go to benefits tab, Double click on the requested day, click on Delete at the bottom of the screen.
  • If the request has been approved by the supervisor, only the supervisor can delete the request.


15. What happens if I forget my password?

  • Your manager has the ability to reset passwords. See your manager for this.


16. If I do not want the system to deduct a 30-minute lunch break, what should I do?

  • In order to comply with labor laws, TimeSaver will automatically deduct a 30-minute lunch break for all hourly employees that work 6 or more continuous hours without clocking out. TimeSaver will deduct a 30-minute lunch break for student hourly employees that work 7 or more continuous hours without clocking out. There is no way to go around the auto deduction.


17. What if I do not see the holiday hours in my benefit tab?

  • Each holiday will show on your benefit tab 3 days prior to the holiday. Holidays are not allowed to be used prior to the actual holiday with the exception of holidays that fall on Monday, taking the Friday before the holiday is permitted.


18. Can I enter vacation/sick and holidays in Time Card Editor tab?

  • Vacation/Sick/Holiday requests should NEVER be entered via the Time Card Editor tab!! The only requests submitted through the Time Card Editor tab are Bereavement, Professional Development, and Jury Duty.


19. What happens if the manager does not approve paid time off requests prior to the close of the payroll?

  • All paid time off requests must be approved prior to the close of the payroll in order to process payroll. If there are unapproved requests in the system for that payroll, these requests will be denied in HR and the employee will not get paid for that time and the paid time off time will remain on their benefits tab. No manual checks will be issued.


20. What is the deadline for making corrections, approving paid time off and signing off on hours?

  • Corrections to time and approvals of paid time off requests can be done daily. However, the manager must wait to sign off on the employees’ time until the Monday prior to the Friday of pay date. This must be done by 4 p.m. Monday of the pay week. A link to the list of deadlines can be found on the Human Resources page.


21. If a holiday falls on the Monday of a pay week, does that deadline change for signing off on employees’ time?

  • No, all sign-offs always need to be completed by 4 p.m. Monday of the pay week. Arrangements need to be made by each department to ensure adherence to this deadline. Prior to the holiday, The Human Resources office will communicate with all employees via written communication, emails and the Faculty and Staff announcements page on Liberty.edu to remind everyone of the deadline. You can also see a list of deadlines for the hourly payroll on the Human Resources web page.


22. How does an hourly employee request Leave of Absence?

  • A paper P-1 will need to be completed and approved by the manager and forwarded to HR. Note: it could take up to two weeks after your return date for payroll to adjust your vacation/sick/holiday balances in TimeSaver.


23. How does an hourly employee request an unpaid day off?

  • Unpaid days can only be taken if the employee has used all of their accrued vacation and sick time. Therefore, a P-1 must be submitted for unpaid days so that payroll can ensure that all accrued time has been used.
  • The hourly employee will need to request these types of time off by using a P1 form.
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