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Pastoral Leadership Minor

Residential Minor in Pastoral Leadership

Add practical, measurable experience in pastoral ministry to your education with a minor in Pastoral Leadership from Liberty University. Learn the biblical foundations for pastoral ministry, pastoral duties, assimilation, and discipleship, as you study under academically credentialed, ordained pastors with years of experience in church settings. Develop your skills in sermon preparation, message delivery, and working through common issues in pastoral practice as you prepare for your future career.

Gain hands-on experience in a variety of pastoral tasks including discipleship, mentoring, personal evangelism, graveside services, baptismal practice, communion facilitation, counseling observation, and sermon guidance,  both in the classroom and in an approved church setting.

Academic Information: Residential Minor in Pastoral Leadership

Credit Hours

  • 15 credit hours

Program of Study

Pastoral Leadership Minor

Featured Pastoral Leadership Courses

  • Introduction To Church Ministries (CHMN 201) 
  • Foundation To Pastoral Leadership (PLED 201) 
  • Family Ministry In Church (PLED 301) 
  • Staff Management and Relations in Pastoral Leadership (PLED 302) 
  • Pastoral Duties (PLED 350) 

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