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Christian Leadership Minor

Residential Minor in Christian Leadership

Gain the biblical foundation and experience you need to lead in ministry with a Christian Leadership minor from Liberty University. Here, you’ll get an understanding of the importance of the local church, and how it can reach the world. Study biblical and theological foundations for leadership and explore personal and team leadership development.

Learn from professors who have doctoral degrees in leadership, and who are grounded in their Christian worldview. Through a combination of classroom study, personal assessments, and hands-on experience, this minor prepares you to lead with confidence, no matter what vocation you choose to pursue. 

Academic Information: Residential Minor in Christian Leadership

Credit Hours

  • 15 credit hours

Program of Study

Christian Leadership Minor

Featured Christian Leadership Courses

  • Introduction To Church Ministries (CHMN 201) 
  • Foundations of Christian Leadership (CLED 310)
  • The Personal Development of a Leader (CLED 365) 
  • Team Dynamics in Christian Leadership (CLED 410)
  • Ethical Issues In Christian Leadership (CLED 425) 

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