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Gate Courses

Gate Courses

Gate Process

Admissions Process

Course Information

Each course is an A-term (full semester), 0-credit course. Each course is also Pass/Fail. All assignments must be submitted correctly by the deadline in order to be eligible to successfully complete the course. If you are unable to successfully complete the course, you will need to re-enroll for the course in a later semester.

You can only be enrolled in one Gate course per semester. Approval through each Gate (a passing grade for the course) must be granted before you can continue forward into the next Gate course.


Grading & Attendance

There will be assignments due weekly for each course like any other course. Successful completion of all assignments by assigned deadlines and full or provisional approval in the Gate 1 Decision assignment is required to successfully complete this course. Assignments will not be accepted if submitted more than two weeks past the assigned deadline. These courses are Pass/Fail. The following would result in a failing grade for the course:

  • Not being granted approval through the Gate associated with the course (Gate 1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • Failing to submit the required assignments for the course by each deadline (Gate 1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • Failing to complete the Field Enrollment Process associated with the course (Gate 2 or Gate 3)
  • Not passing the Comprehensive Exam associated with the course (Gate 4).


Tuition & Credit Hours

There are no tuition costs associated with the gate courses. Gate courses are 0 credits each and will not impact the number of credit hours you can take in a semester.

Gate 1 Course: SOWK 294

Gate 1: SOWK 299

SOWK 294 includes the BSSW Gate 1 & Approval Process.

Gate 2 Course: SOWK 365

Gate 2: SOWK 365

SOWK 365 includes the BSSW Gate 2 & Junior Field Enrollment Process.

Gate 3 Course: SOWK 465

Gate 3: SOWK 465

SOWK 465 includes the BSSW Gate 3 & Senior Field Enrollment Process.

Gate 4 Course: SOWK 494

Gate 4: SOWK 499

SOWK 494 includes BSSW Gate 4 & the Comprehensive Exam.

If you have questions about the Gate process, please email socialworkgate@liberty.edu.

Field Experience

For more information on the required Junior and Senior Field Experiences, please review the Residential Field Experience or Online Field Experience webpage.