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A Unique Privilege

The Jerry Falwell Library is the hub of Liberty University’s intellectual community. It provides a welcoming environment with plenty of space for interactive research, content creation, and collaborative work, as well as the latest technological tools to assist in the learning process. This beautiful multi-story structure overlooking a manmade lake serves as both the geographical and academic center of Liberty’s campus.

As the only facility on campus bearing the name of Liberty’s founder, the naming opportunities associated with the library hold special significance. Generous supporters have the unique privilege of taking part in the life of a facility that simultaneously honors Liberty’s past while embracing its future. 






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The automated book and retrieval system will provide the latest and most efficient robotic technology for storing and retrieving library resources. With three robots to pull materials from a collection of up to 450,000 items, students will be able to request and have items delivered to a pick-up point in a matter of minutes. Students and visitors will watch this state-of-the-art technology in operation from several viewing locations in the building. The system will be an important focal point of the entire library complex.
Situated off of the southern wing of the library, the beautifully landscaped lake provides students with a place for reflection and inspiration. Students enjoy views of the lake from outdoor terrace seating, the food court, and many of the library’s balconies. Additionally, the lake features a lush lawn, a walking path, and serves as a habitat for native trees and plants. 
Automated Book Retrieval System (ABRS)
The ASRS is a state-of-the-art storage system employing three robotic cranes and 4,200 bins to house the majority of the Jerry Falwell Library collection. The ASRS stores up to 420,000 items in one-seventh of the space required for traditional shelving. The process of requesting items from the ASRS takes only minutes, and students are able to observe this technology in operation from several viewing locations in the building. The system is an important focal point of the library.
Grand Entrance Hall
Located at the main entrance to the library and connecting the North and South Wings, this bright, welcoming gateway will be a highly populated hub where students meet and connect. With the library being near the geographic center of the campus, this area will truly be a crossroads for the entire academic community.
Reading Room
A prominent feature of the library, this two-story space will feature a classic reading room and balcony areas equipped with traditional furnishings, newspapers, journals and special collections of reading materials. The reading room will provide a refuge from the hectic pace of a busy day as well as a place for reflection and relaxed reading.
Lakeside Atrium
The Atrium, located in the South Wing, will be bathed in natural light. It will provide inviting study spaces, wonderful views, and stairs that allow movement between the different levels of the library. Overlooking the lake and the major pedestrian intersections of the campus, it will emerge as one of the favorite campus study locations.
Book Tower
Prominently featured in the library’s design, the four-story Book Tower is visible from many vantage points throughout the building. It houses more than 60,000 of the most commonly accessed items in the library’s collection to provide students quick access to titles that are pertinent to many fields of study. 
Graduate & Faculty Commons
The Graduate and Faculty Commons will offer an inviting setting and specialized resources to facilitate study and research for faculty and graduate students. It will include conference rooms, group study rooms, individualized carrels, a reading room and small outdoor terrace. This area will be a hub for faculty and student collaboration on scholarly projects and publications.
The Forum, bordered by the four-story, glass-front book tower, will be the focal point near the Jerry Falwell Museum entrance where students and faculty will gather in an inspiring space that can be configured in numerous ways. Located at the lower level of the central atrium, the adjoining forum-style seating, catering space, multipurpose conference room, and museum will make this a highly desirable location to host exhibits or special events.
Lakeside Terrace
The 100-foot-long Lakeside Terrace offers visitors a wonderful view of the lake and surrounding areas. In addition to viewing the lake, visitors on the terrace can see the Vines Center and the new Residential Commons, currently under construction. The Lakeside Terrace is one of the most unique vantage points in the library.
Lakeside Study Lounge
With soft, natural light and a clear view of the lake, this welcoming, relaxing space will provide ample seating along the expansive windows. Students can meet in small groups, work individually or simply take a break from a busy schedule.
Learning Commons: 0 (South Wing)
This out-of-the-way, lower-level Learning Commons offers a retreat-like setting and a comfortable mix of furnishings that project a relaxed environment. The space offers lakeside views, traditional library tables, and a notebook counter with viewing windows to the ASRS. An open space that is situated within one of the library’s deep quiet study zones, this Learning Commons provides a pleasant mix of activity and solitude.
Learning Commons: 1 (South Wing)
Overlooking the lake and the crossroads of campus, this learning commons opens onto the main lobby and provides access to the upper and lower levels of the book tower. Designed to accommodate a higher level of traffic, this area will offer a pleasing alternative for those who like an active learning space or just need a place for a quick review of notes before class.
Learning Commons: 2 (South Wing)
With an increased emphasis on quiet amidst this conversation-friendly floor, this space will allow for a smooth flow between quiet study and collaboration in group-study areas, but with less traffic than Level 1. This learning commons, with a great view of the lake and both atriums, will bridge the levels and wings of the building.
Learning Commons: 2 (North Wing)
With an emphasis on collaboration, this north wing Learning Commons provides an environment that supports the exchange of ideas. It contains traditional library carrels and larger desks with individual media ports. Offering quick access to group study rooms, this Learning Commons is an appealing option for students who benefit from group interaction while studying.
Learning Commons: 3 (South Wing)
This upper-level Learning Commons is intended for quiet, individual study. Traditional library tables and carrels allow students to sequester themselves for optimal concentration. This Learning Commons opens onto a beautiful outdoor terrace that provides students with a place for taking much needed breaks.
Technology Center
This center will offer the latest technology in student computing, including collaborative screen-sharing booths, touch-screens and interactive displays. Located adjacent to the busy main entrance, this space will be a popular area for students seeking a place to utilize computing resources on campus.
The Colonnade
Bordered by the main entrance to the library, the Colonnade adds to the architectural beauty of the building and looks out onto the DeMoss Hall Courtyard.
Food Court
This two-story, full-service food court will provide the opportunity to pick up a beverage, a meal selected from several major food vendors, or a quick snack during a long study session in the library. There will be excellent views of the newly-created lake from this prominent location. Adjoining the library and close to the pedestrian tunnel, which provides students with access to off-campus destinations, this will be one of the busiest spots on campus.
Located above the Grand Entry Hall, this expansive walkway connects the North and South Wings. From here students can look out over the campus, meet with their peers or simply relax before their next class.
Dining Patio
Located outside the Food Court, the Dining Patio will overlook the lake and the Vines Center. This open-air space will be a favorite gathering spot for students and faculty to meet and relax while they enjoy a meal or a light snack with friends.
Multipurpose Conference Room
Utilizing the latest in computer technology and interchangeable furnishings, this multi-purpose room seats up to 100 and can be used for a variety of purposes. Adjacent to the forum and catering space, typical events will include workshops, meetings, information fairs, seminars, lectures/speakers, receptions, luncheons, dinners and performances.
Research Assistance Classroom
Utilizing the latest in computer technology and flexible furnishings, librarians and teaching faculty will use this room to help students learn critical thinking and research skills that are essential to their academic and professional development.
Scholars Lounge Balcony
An outdoor terrace located off of the Scholars Lounge, the Scholars Lounge Balcony offers one of the campus’s best views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.   
Graduate and Faculty Commons Balcony
Located near the Graduate and Faculty Commons, this third-floor balcony, showcased in the columns and overlooking the prominent main entrance, will provide a fresh-air view of the DeMoss Hall Courtyard and much of the campus.
Lakeside Balcony
Located off the third-floor reading room, this balcony will overlook the lake and offer a clear view of much of the campus providing a meeting place for friends or a break from study.
Reading Room Terrace
Just outside the Level 2 reading room, the Reading Room Terrace will be located near the main entrance and provide a view of the DeMoss Hall Courtyard and much of the campus. This terrace will offer a space where students can step outside for conversation without disturbing others who are involved in quiet study.
Welcome & Customer Service Center
The main lobby with its four-story atrium will be the centerpiece of customer service in the new building, and the location from which visitors and students are directed to the various specialized areas in the facility. Providing support for visitors, research assistance, circulation of resources, and technology, this high-use, high-tech, high-touch area will exude the energy and academic vitality of college life.
Three of these intriguing automatons will dart about a forty-foot high, climate-controlled space locating and retrieving materials from almost half a million print copies.  Students, faculty, staff and visitors can enjoy watching the robots in action through a glass wall from numerous vantage points within the library. Each of the three robots may be named separately.
Group Study Rooms
These collaborative study spaces will be equipped for active learning by groups of six to 12 students. Each of the rooms will have whiteboards, laptop connections, and projectors or plasma displays and will offer an ideal environment for students to complete a group project or prepare for a class presentation.
5,000 to 10,000
Scholars Lounge
Intended to chiefly accommodate the university’s professors and graduate students, the Scholars Lounge offers a refined study environment with scenic views.  The space is outfitted with comfortable furnishings that may be rearranged or moved out completely to adjust for various study needs. Additionally, the Scholars Lounge is equipped with multimedia technology and is suitable for meetings and presentations.