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Admissions Leadership Team

  Dr. Terrell Elam
  Dean of Admissions


  Tim Rees
Director of Admissions

  Robert Mason
  Associate Director

  Stephen Siefert
  Assistant Director

  Lorél Garcia
Assistant Director

  Justin Berry

Admissions Counselor Team

  Victoria Adams

  Sarah Carter

  Rachel Walker

  Rebecca Corwin

  Rick Cramer

  Giles Crandall

  Kayla Divers

  T.J. Edwards

  Destiny Erwin

  Lauren Etheridge

  Abby Faber

  Kelsie Friederichsen

  Katie Gilligan

  Joy Jamison

  Jacob Haynes

  Crystal Henderson

  Vincent Hogue

  Dan Larkin

  Corey Leistner

  Ashlee Lowder

  Jessica Martin

  Sydney Porter

  Drew Riss

  Zach Schoonover

  Jessica Sims

  Anna Velez

  Catherine Kearney

  Alesha James

  Molly Orth

  Victoria Gentry

   Matthew Mouser

  Allison Bolton

   Emily Miller