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Rawlings School of Divinity

IRB Application

The School of Divinity IRB application is shorter, simpler, and more applicable to the types of studies conducted by School of Divinity students. Please use the following application when submitting your project to the IRB:

The IRB has also prepared a checklist for you to use while preparing your application for submission. The checklist is available below:

Supporting Document Templates

The IRB provides templates for supporting documents (e.g., informed consent, recruitment) to make the process easier on you. To find the template(s) that you need in order to complete your application, visit the templates page below:

Sample Applications

To assist you as you fill out your IRB application, the IRB has created two sample applications along with supporting documents for you to look over. Visit the sample application page below:

IRB Presentation Slides

The IRB provides the following PowerPoint presentation slides for you to use as a guide throughout the IRB application process:

Permission and Consent

Gaining permission and obtaining consent are two very different processes. Please review the permission and consent page for more information:


If you have any questions about the IRB process or your application: