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IACUC Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What are Annual Reviews and 3-Year Renewals, and when do they need to be submitted?

A: An annual review is a yearly "check-up". This review must be submitted to the IACUC prior to the first and second anniversaries of the original approval date using the Annual Review Form. Prior to the third anniversary of original approval, the protocol must be re-submitted for full approval using the 3-Year Renewal Form.

Q: What is the process for obtaining IACUC approval?

A: The first step in obtaining IACUC approval is completing the IACUC Application and consulting with the university veterinarian, Dr. Davis McGuirt, for a "pre-review". Once this is completed, the University Veterinarian will forward the proposal to the IACUC office, who will then distribute the proposal to the IACUC members. At that point, the members will decide whether or not the proposal needs to go through a Full Committee Review (FCR), or a Designated Member Review (DMR).

Q: How do I add or remove personnel from a protocol?

A: Any changes in personnel should be reported to the IACUC using the Personnel Amendment Form. Once received, the IACUC will verify the training status of each individual listed and inform the PI once approved.

Q: What's the difference between Full Committee Review (FCR) and a Designated Member Review (DMR)?

A: A full committee review usually takes place at least once a month, where reviewers will discuss and vote on any research proposals that have been submitted. A single IACUC member can request that a proposed study be sent to full review. If no committee member requests a FCR, the proposal will be sent to a designated member review.

The designated member review is a process where one or more IACUC members with the most expertise on the subject matter will review the proposal and issue a decision, or refer the protocol back to the full committee.

Q: Where can I get help with statistical analysis?

A: The IACUC has identified several resources available for helping with statistical analysis for IACUC protocols. Follow one of the links below for assistance:

Q: Is my study exempt from IACUC review?

A: Depending on the nature of the study, and what types of animals are used, certain studies may be exempt from IACUC review. If you are unsure, fill out an Exemption Request Form and submit it to iacuc@liberty.edu. The IACUC will then make a determination, and send a letter if the study is exempt. Otherwise, the protocol will require IACUC approval.

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