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IACUC Application Process

Step 1: Complete the Required IACUC Training

In order for your protocol to receive approval, all personnel listed on the application must complete the required training. The training status of all personnel will be verified by the IACUC office once you submit your protocol application.

Step 2: Download and Complete the IACUC Application

To begin, download and complete the IACUC application available below:

Step 3: Download and Complete the Required Appendices

Download and complete any required appendices. Once you complete the IACUC application, you will know which appendices you must complete.

Step 4: Submit the IACUC Application and Appendices

Once you have completed the application and any required appendices, submit them as Word documents to the IACUC (iacuc@liberty.edu) and the attending veterinarian, Dr. Davis McGuirt (dmcguirt@liberty.edu).

Step 5: Status Email & Preliminary Review

Shortly after submitting your application, you should receive a status email from the IACUC indicating that your application has been received and that a preliminary review will take place. At this time, the IACUC office will request a signed copy of the IACUC Investigator Agreement via email.


The preliminary review should take approximately two weeks to complete, and involves a veterinary review by the attending veterinarian, as well as a “completeness” review by the IACUC office. This process prepares your application for review by the committee members by identifying common errors, considering animal welfare, requesting missing documents, and/or asking for any needed clarification.

Step 6: Revision Requests & Resubmission

After the preliminary review has taken place, you will receive an email from the IACUC requesting revisions on behalf of the attending veterinarian and/or the committee. Once you have corrected or addressed the requests, re-submit the changes to the IACUC at iacuc@liberty.edu.


Depending on the complexity of the study, multiple revision requests may be required. Responding to revision requests promptly will greatly increase the IACUC’s ability to quickly approve your application.

Step 7: Protocol Review

Once your application is ready for review by the committee, it will be distributed to the IACUC members. The IACUC members will decide whether the application will require Full Committee Review, or if it can be completed by Designated Member Review. Once the decision has been made, your protocol will be reviewed accordingly.

Step 8: Delivery of Committee Decision to the Principal Investigator

After the scheduled IACUC meeting or DMR Review has taken place, decisions will be sent to the Principal Investigator via email by the IACUC office. The decision may include any of the following:

  • Approval
  • Modifications Requested
  • Tabled or Deferred
  • Withhold Approval (Full Reviewed applications)
  • Refer to Full Committee (DMR Reviewed applications)

Step 9: Approval

If your study is approved, you will be notified by the IACUC office. At this time, you will receive an approval letter that is signed and dated by the IACUC Chair. Most approvals are valid for a period of three years, with annual reviews occurring every year.