Journalism Education
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Aug 19, 2024
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Inspire and Inform Others by Earning a Certificate in Journalism Education

A good journalist can make a serious impact. Journalists report on some of the most fascinating and exciting news as well as stories that are clouded by tragedy. No matter what a journalist is reporting on, their words can affect people across the globe.

Do you want to inspire young people to take on this role, or do you want to pursue a job as a journalist yourself? If so, our Journalism Education Certificate can help you get there.

If you are a licensed teacher or currently pursuing your teaching license, this certificate can provide you with an add-on endorsement for journalism education. With this program, you can meet journalism education requirements for add-on licensure and inspire future journalists.


If you are interested in becoming a full-time journalist, our certificate can help you get there. This certificate provides all the journalism-specific knowledge you’ll need to jumpstart your career as a writer or reporter without committing to a full bachelor’s degree for journalism.

Please note: State licensure requirements and add-on endorsement requirements may vary. Please check our state licensure page for state-specific requirements.

Award-Winning Campus

At Liberty, you’ll find an affordable, high-quality education that equips students like you for the real world. Our commitment to excellence helped us rank among’s Top 3 college campuses in America. Earning your degree from a nonprofit university with state-of-the-art resources like ours can help set you apart from your peers.

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What Will You Learn in Our Journalism Certificate?

Our Journalism Education Certificate will provide you with the knowledge you’ll need to teach journalism courses to middle and high school students, sponsor a school yearbook or newspaper, or start your own career as a journalist. Your courses will cover the foundational topics you’ll need to know in order to teach or pursue journalism.

You will learn about different writing styles in journalism, including writing for social media, news, magazines, features, and technical subjects. You may also learn about editing, reporting, layout, publishing, and strategic communication.

Required Courses
  • DIGI 190 – Media Industry and Ethics or JOUR 356 – Social Media Writing
  • DIGI 220 – News Writing and Reporting I or JOUR 225 – Writing for Media
  • JOUR 225 – News Writing and Reporting II or WRIT 400 – Editing, Layout, and Publishing
  • JOUR 374 – Writing and Editing for Digital Magazine and Features or STCO 307 – Strategic Communication
  • JOUR 485 – Investigative Reporting or WRIT 403 – Technical Writing

Highlights of Our Certificate in Journalism Education

  • We have an Educational Technology Lab that provides students with resources, software, and equipment, including laptops, Apple TVs, digital cameras, and USB microphones.
  • If you are a licensed teacher or currently pursuing your license, this certificate can provide you with add-on licensure in journalism education.

Journalism Education Certificate Information

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Certificates

Every application is reviewed by the admission committee on a case-by-case basis, meaning there are no set minimums for acceptance. However, all applicants must submit the following documents* for admission:

  • Admission application
  • Admission essay
  • Official college transcripts (if applicable)
  • Official high school transcripts
  • Results from the CLT, SAT, or ACT are not required for admission, but may be used in consideration for merit-based aid.

*Note that additional documentation may be requested by the admission committee after your application has been received.

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