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Ascend to the Pinnacle of Ministry with a Doctoral Degree from Liberty Theological Seminary

If you are an experienced ministry professional with a Master of Divinity degree, a Master of Biblical Studies, or a Master of Arts with a thesis, you may want to consider a doctoral degree program from Liberty’s John W. Rawlings School of Divinity. At Liberty, we offer a committed faculty of esteemed experts in ministry, apologetics, and theology – allowing you to gain valuable knowledge from ministry scholars whose passion for your success is preceded only by their love for Christ.

At Liberty, our mission is to Train Champions for Christ. In keeping with that mission, our doctoral religion degrees seek to prepare academic scholars and Christian community leaders at the highest level of scholarship. Under the guidance of our seasoned faculty, you can graduate from your doctoral divinity program with the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to shepherd believers and evangelize to the lost.

By partnering with us for your doctoral degree, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a career-enhancing credential that can challenge you to grow in your faith, grasp key theological concepts, and help you take your ministry to the next level.

School of Divinity Doctoral Programs

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biblical Studies

Our PhD in Biblical Studies is a 57-credit-hour program designed to give you an advanced knowledge of Scripture and the research skills needed to become a scholar in the field. Whether you want to teach at a university, conduct research, or lead a church, this PhD program can help you dive deep into God’s Word and develop a strong biblical basis for carrying out your unique calling.

PhD in Biblical Studies Format

  • Residential
  • 57 total credit hours

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Theological Studies

Our PhD in Theological Studies degree is a 57-credit-hour program that can help you gain an advanced understanding of scholarly theological concepts as you prepare to train up the next generation of church leaders. Our doctoral divinity program may be a great fit for you if you work full time in ministry and have a Master of Divinity or a Master of Arts with a thesis.

PhD in Theological Studies Format

  • Residential
  • 57 total credit hours

Why Choose Liberty Theological Seminary for Your Doctoral Degree?

We understand that you need a doctoral degree that can help you stand out as a biblical scholar. At Liberty, we invest in you by offering professors with years of ministry experience, world-class facilities, and academics that are firmly rooted in Scripture.

In addition, there are several other benefits that come with pursuing your doctoral divinity studies at Liberty – including marketability. Our PhD programs can help prepare you for a career as a lead pastor, professor, ministry leader, or university administrator.

Here are a few other reasons why you should consider choosing Liberty for your doctoral religion degree:

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