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Intern in Washington, D.C.

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in Washington D.C.? As a Liberty student, you can experience this amazing city through one of our unique and prestigious internships.

Enjoy the political energy of Capitol Hill by participating in one of our fellowships. You’ll get college credit, work experience, and an exclusive, exciting opportunity all in one semester.

Washington Fellowship

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Washington Fellowship

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D.C. FellowshipWork in the energetic atmosphere of our nation’s capital through the Washington Fellowship.

Experience historical downtown housing, professional development, and networking events while gaining career experience.

This program has placed students in organizations such as the National Park Service, American Psychological Association, Metro Police Department, and U.S. Congress.

“We are in a unique position to make a real difference in our nation’s capital, and it has been so exciting to be a part of it!”

– Shandra, Student

“I am so happy that Liberty offers this opportunity, and I am thrilled that I took part in it.”

– Mike, Student

“The Washington Fellowship is a fantastic program. The past four months have provided me with the opportunity to grow professionally as well as spiritually.”

– Kenlyn, Student

“I never would have gotten the job [Office of Investigations at USAID’s OIG] if it weren’t for the Washington Fellowship and I’m very thankful for the opportunity we all had to complete the program.”

– Carly, Student

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