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Over 600 Liberty University students show support for the unborn in Washington, D.C., at annual March for Life

Over 600 Liberty University students traveled to Washington, D.C., on Friday to participate in the 49th annual March for Life.

“I wanted to come to the March for Life with Liberty University because I have always been passionate about the issue of abortion,” said student Genesis Schat. “I have a heart for injustice, especially for people who can’t get justice for themselves.”

The trip was hosted by LU Send and Liberty’s Standing for Freedom Center. Students left campus on buses early Friday morning and returned later that evening.

The March for Life is a pro-life Christian organization with the goal of equipping individuals with the knowledge needed to stand for those who do not have a voice of their own.

“The reason it is important for students to participate in this March for Life is to gain an understanding of what is at stake and to recognize the impact that they can have,” said Christian Lasval, influencer advisor for the center.

Students participated in a kickoff rally at the National Mall featuring singers Jordan St. Cyr and Matthew West (who joined virtually). Speakers included Kirk Cameron, Lisa Robertson, Toni McFadden, Kristen Waggoner, Katie Shaw, George Schuberg, Father Mike Schmitz, Cissie Graham Lynch, Archbishop Elpidophoros of America, and Katie Young. Also present where pro-life congressmen Mike Kelly, Dan Crenshaw, and many others.

“I loved how there were so many people who took time to come out to march as well as show their support for this crucial issue,” said student Sierra Number. “Humans are made by God and deserve the chance to live.”

Photo by Trinity Barton

Each speaker gave an account to support their stance on protecting the unborn.

“The issue of the sanctity of life is paramount to human rights,” Lasval said. “If we do not get this issue right, the rest will not matter. We first need to give a human the chance to live. If there is no alteration, we will not have a chance to defend and uphold their other rights in the future, because they will not get to have one.”

Students joined thousands of pro-life supporters, braving the cold January winter as they marched from the National Mall, down Constitution Avenue, and concluded at the Supreme Court Building.

“What I want to be doing with my life is making people more aware of how detrimental abortion is to our generation and the population,” student Emma Parson said. “I try to be involved with as many pro-life events that I can. In this March for Life, I felt that many people have the same passions and desires as me, and I was just excited to be a part of it”.

The Standing for Freedom Center is committed to participating in more pro-life events throughout the year and encouraging students to take a stand against the injustice of abortion.

“We are carrying on the legacy (of Liberty founder Jerry Falwell Sr.) by warning and teaching about current issues,” Lasval said. “It is our goal to be Champions for Christ by participating in these marches and building a coalition full of patriot believers who love this country and who want to protect her,” Lasval said.

In the 1970s, Roe v. Wade gave women the right to abortions without much government restraint. However, the Dobbs v. Jackson case, which is currently being considered in the Supreme Court, has the ability to overturn that original ruling.

Photo by Trinity Barton

“As Americans, protected by our Constitution, we have the ability to address grievances with the government by petitioning and protesting when the government allows laws that are unjust, as well as doing things that are unjust, like sanctioning and protecting the act of abortion,” Lasval said.

Friday’s trip wasn’t the first time the Freedom Center has sponsored a trip to D.C. to support the cause of life. Hundreds of students prayed in the nation’s capital on Dec. 1 as the Supreme Court heard arguments for the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health case.

Zeta Barton is a reporter for the Liberty Champion, the official student newspaper of Liberty University.