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Alumni brothers David and Jason Benham motivate business students to chase their innovative passions while remaining rooted in Christ

Liberty University alumni and successful entrepreneurs David and Jason Benham (’98) brought words of wisdom and insight to School of Business students during a “Redefining Entrepreneurship from the Inside Out” event hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurship at the School of Business Towns Auditorium on Monday.

The Benhams, who have recently joined the advisory board for the School of Business, stayed in Lynchburg for multiple days in order to film an entrepreneurship video series that the school will use to instruct and inspire its students.

The Benham brothers spoke to School of Business students Monday morning and evening in the Towns Auditorium.

The bestselling authors shared their story with students, explaining how they remained grounded in their faith throughout the trials of life while becoming some of the country’s most well-known realtors and businessmen.

After graduating from Liberty with degrees in history, the identical twins, who played baseball for the Flames, briefly pursued their lifelong dream of playing professional baseball before using their entrepreneurship mindsets to launch into real estate in the Charlotte, N.C., area.

On Monday morning, the Benhams reminded students that innovation can be a long process, one that often opposes the typical methods of the world we live in.

“We live in a microwave society, but success comes in a crockpot,” David Benham said, referencing how quickly our culture desires to see results.

The brothers encouraged students to be creative, embrace risk, and see opportunities instead of obstacles all while following three paradigms: to be a minister wherever you are, to be on mission in whatever you do, and to view your work as worship.

The Benhams also offered three principles for putting those paradigms into action: be faithful in the little things, do common work in uncommon ways, and always give more in value than you take in pay.

“God’s blessings are found within God’s boundaries,” Jason Benham said.

They said it is vital to avoid the temptation to follow the ways of the world, as influence from society does not often lead to godly living.

“Remember that faithfulness in your work leads to promotion while faithfulness in your faith leads to persecution,” David said.

The Benhams stayed in the Towns Auditorium after the event to talk with Liberty students.

The Benhams have experienced persecution for staying true to their faith before. In 2014, HGTV decided to forgo a house-flipping television show featuring the twins due to their strong stance against abortion and homosexuality.

The brothers now use this time in their life as an example of how they decided to view an obstacle as an opportunity and began exploring other ventures in their career while trusting in the Lord’s plan.

On Monday evening, the brothers returned to the Towns Auditorium for a Q&A session. Many sought advice on launching a healthy business or beginning a career in real estate.

The Benhams encouraged students to be diligent in chasing their dreams while trusting God’s timing for success.

“You have to hustle,” David Benham said. “You have to wait on God, but while you wait, you have to hustle.”

The twins said that through every business relationship or transaction, remaining humble and kind while caring about the person you are working with is a wonderful way for God to be glorified through an entrepreneurial endeavor.


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