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IACUC Exempt Research

Certain studies are exempt from IACUC oversight, however, this does not mean that the research should not be conducted in a humane and ethical manner. To be exempt, the study must meet at least one of the exemption criteria listed below. Regardless of whether or not the study meets the criteria below, to receive an exemption letter from the IACUC, you must submit an application to the IACUC for review.

Exemption Criteria

Invertebrate Animals Only

If you will only be using invertebrate animals in your study, the IACUC does not need to grant approval in order for you to proceed with data collection. However, you should continue to conduct your research in a humane and ethical manner.


Material Obtained Commercially or from Other Approved Studies

If the animal tissues, fluids, internal organs, eggs, embryos, fetuses, etc. were obtained commercially or from another IACUC approved research project, your study may not require IACUC oversight. Your department or laboratory manager may require written notice of your proposed tissue use and storage requirements in order to maintain accurate records.


Non-Intrusive Field Studies

If your research involves an observation-only study with no direct manipulation, IACUC oversight may not be required.


Only the IACUC can determine whether a protocol is exempt from oversight. The IACUC reserves the right to require that an approved protocol be in place prior to starting any research or teaching involving the use of animals if it determines it is in the best interest of the University, and/or the animals being used.