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Frequently Asked Questions

I was injured while performing my work duties, what do I need to do?
What do I do if I have a vehicle accident in a University owned or rented vehicle while on University business?
What do I do if I have a vehicle accident in my own personal vehicle while on University business?
I am going to a foreign country and will be taking University owned property with me. What do I need to do to have coverage for this property?
What do I do if I discover potential damage or loss to University owned or leased property?
What do I do when I become aware of a potential injury to someone other than an employee of LU or damage to property not owned by LU?
What do I need to do when my department sells or places a University vehicle in surplus?
How do I insure a recently acquired University vehicle?
What is a Certificate of Insurance (COI) and how do I get one?
When is a Certificate of Insurance (COI) required of outside vendors, contractors and third-parties who may rent LU facilities?
What is Proof of Coverage and what do I do to provide Proof of Coverage?
I am a resident student and have been involved in an accident and/or have an injury, what do I need to do?
I am a Student Athlete injured while participating in an NCAA Collegiate Sport scheduled practice or game/competition or Club Sport. Is there any medical insurance coverage for me?
  • As of August 1, 2015, Liberty University provides an accident insurance policy covering residential students
  • You can view more information on this accident insurance program at this page:  Student Athlete Accident Program

For all other concerns, contact Liberty’s Office of Risk Management at (434) 592-6446.