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Course Descriptions


Foundation Courses

Finance 100 – Foundations of Finance

This course provides an overview of the University’s Financial Systems (Banner, Infor, and buyLU). Completion of this course culminates in a quiz, with a required passing score of 100%. Once the quiz is successfully completed, you will be able to request access to your department’s budget.

Finance 101 – Travel Policies and Procedures (Taught by the Procurement Dept.)

This course covers the University’s Travel and Entertainment policies and is intended for new employees, but can also serve as a refresher course for current employees. Any recent changes or anticipated changes to these policies will be covered.

Finance 102 – Foundations of Reconciliation (FOAPAL)

This class is intended to help you understand the basics of reconciling purchases to the University’s accounting ledgers. Anyone who reconciles a P-Card, submits Banner Requisitions or manages a budget should attend this class.

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Finance 205 – buyLU Suite (Taught by the Procurement Dept.)

This course teaches the basics of navigating buyLU. Topics include shopping, assigning a cart, and submitting a requisition.

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Infor Processing

Finance 220 – Infor Expense Reports (Taught by the Procurement Dept.)

This course explores the philosophy of Expense Management and the basics of the Infor Expense Management System. Infor expense reports are used to reconcile P-Card transactions, request reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses, and request Cash Advances. Successful completion of this course is required in order to obtain a University p-card. Users can get credit for this course by completing the Finance 220 CLEP Exam.

Finance 225 – Infor Cash Advances (Online Only)

The first section of this course covers how to complete a cash advance request within Infor. Reconciliation of the cash advance is covered in the second section. Examples covered will include out-of-pocket expenses and per diem for non P-card holders.

Finance 230 – Currency Exchange Reconciliations* (Taught by the Procurement Dept.)

The purpose of this class is to provide step-by-step procedures to help you reconcile a trip where you have exchanged US Dollars (USD) for foreign currency and then exchanged the same back to USD’s. This class is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to complete your entire reconciliation, but rather, just the portion that pertains to your expenses, gains/losses, and fees associated with the currency exchange.

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Budget Management

Finance 300 – Principles of Strategic Financial Planning

This course is meant for new Budget Managers. It reviews the basics of developing an operating budget as it relates to the University’s Strategic Plan.

Finance 310 – Managing Budget Line Items

In this course, you will learn how to manage your budget in line item detail. This course also covers the budget transfer process.

Finance 320 – Approver

This course provides best practices for those involved in the approval process for Infor, buyLU, and ASIST. It covers Requisitions, Transfers, and Infor Expense Reports.

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Finance 250 – Finance Workshop*

Instructors and computers will be available for individuals to come and get one-on-one assistance creating Expense Reports, reconciling credit card transactions, completing transactions in buyLU, and budgetary planning and maintenance. Group training available upon request.

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