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Students majoring in Global Studies experience a taste of international life and work when they complete a required semester-long cultural immersion internship that includes guided coursework, ethnographic research, language learning, and community service.  Global Studies minors also have the option to complete an 8-week summer internship. For more information or to contact Global Studies staff, email

Please note: Global Studies majors or Global Studies cognates with a required internship need to email as soon as the major is declared. We encourage students with a Global Studies minor or specialization who are interested in the optional internship to fill out the form as well.

Global Studies Practicums

Global Studies Practicums provide hands-on cross-cultural opportunities in a team setting. These teams are offered during Winter, Spring, or Summer break for academic credit. Specific opportunities change each year and will be publicized during the Fall semester of each year.

Engaging Tribal Cultures

This elective experiential learning course teaches animistic worldview, language learning, and cross-cultural adjustment in a simulated tribal setting. This course is offered in an intensive format during the week of Fall Break each year. Students who participate in this course receive 3 hours of credit for GLST 485. Note: There is a course fee in addition to standard tuition. The current course fee is $485. This covers housing, food, transportation, and course activities, but does not cover the textbook. For more information email