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Marriage & Family Therapy Practicum (CEFS 698)

60-Hour Marriage & Family Therapy

Application Deadlines

 Deadlines are non-negotiable.

The Fall 2020 Deadline has passed.

  • Fall 2020: June 15, 2020

Please note: The application portal link opens 3-4 weeks before the deadline

Upcoming Practicum application deadlines:

  • Summer 2020: February 17, 2020
  • Fall 2020: June 15, 2020
  • Spring 2021: November 2, 2020
  • Summer 2021: February 15, 2021

Marriage and Family Therapy Practicum Manual

Practicum Course FAQs

Practicum/Internship Process Overview

Important Degree Change Information:

  • MFT students who plan to switch from the MFT program to the CMHC (CACREP) online program are required to enroll in COUC 698 and 699 (WebEx sections).  CEFS 698/699 (non-WebEX sections) will not be accepted for the CMHC (CACREP) degree program. 

  • If you are an MFT student currently in CEFS 698 or 699 and are thinking about moving to the CMHC program, you will be required to enroll in COUC 698/699 to fulfill the CMHC CACREP requirements.  In other words, you will need to take COUC 698/699 to meet this requirement, even if you have taken CEFS 698/699.  If you have further questions please contact the Practicum/Internship office at practicum@liberty.edu.


All prerequisite courses are non-negotiable and must be successfully completed prior to the start of the Practicum.

**Dependent on DCP Year

  • Must have 3.0 cumulative GPA or above by the posted application deadline
  • Complete Prerequisites:
    • Orientation to Counselor Profession Identity & Function (CEFS 500)
    • Ethical & Legal Issues in Counseling (CEFS 501)
    • Human Growth & Development (CEFS 502)
    • Multicultural Counseling (CEFS 504)
    • Counseling Techniques & the Helping Relationship (CEFS 505)
    • Theories of Counseling (CEFS 510)
    • Group Counseling (CEFS 512)
    • Research & Program Evaluation (CEFS 515)
    • Assessment Techniques in Counseling (CEFS 521)
    • Career Development & Counseling (CEFS 522)
    • Psychopathology & Counseling (CEFS 546)
    • Marriage & Family Therapy II (CEFS 602)*
    • Clinical Diagnosis & Treatment Planning (CEFS 667)**

*Marriage & Family Therapy II (CEFS 602) can only be taken concurrently with CEFS 698 if the student is enrolled in a B-term CEFS 602 section. If a student enrolls in CEFS 602 D-term, they cannot take it concurrent with CEFS 698.

Degree Stipulations:

2017-2018 and Prior DCPs only:

  • Students on an older DCP that includes COUN/CEFS 667 are permitted to auto-sub CEFS 691 in place of COUN/CEFS 667.
    • Please note, students may enroll in CEFS 667, however, be aware CEFS 691 is the preferred course due to licensure requirements for students in the state of Virginia.

CEFS 667 and Practicum Options (2017-2018 and Prior DCPs only):

  1. CEFS 691 may sub for CEFS/COUC 667 as a Practicum prerequisite for students on older DCPs
  2. If a student decides to complete 667 instead of 691, they will be required to complete 667 the semester before their Practicum or enroll in the 667 intensive that is offered the same month their Practicum begins. The 667 intensive is a week long  class on Liberty University’s campus. Our office cannot guarantee the 667 intensive will be offered every semester.

Please note: Students on 2017-2018 DCPs and prior will be required to complete both CEFS 667 and CEFS 602 to fulfill their DCP requirements before they can graduate. However,  for practicum purposes, either CEFS 667, CEFS 691 or CEFS 602 can fulfill the pre-requisite for CEFS 698.

Important Note: It is the student’s responsibility to know their state’s licensure requirements and to meet those requirements along with their degree program requirements.

Liberty University Employees: If you are an employee of Liberty University, email practicum@liberty.edu to notify the Practicum and Internship Office of your Practicum application submission. This is asked so they can review and approve your application prior to the Continuing Education deadline.

Disclaimer: Students are enrolled in Counseling 698 Practicum based on the Degree Completion Plan Audits submitted at the time of applying. If a student switches degrees after submitting their Practicum application, they will be responsible for notifying the Practicum and Internship Office immediately. The Practicum and Internship Office will not be able to switch students between Non-WebEx sections and WebEx sections mid-way through a semester if degrees are switched.

Practicum Hour & Semester Requirements

Practicum Site Opportunities

Supervisor Information

Application Documents

Changing Site and/or Supervisor

International Policy

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