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Over 100 Liberty University students and staff make a global impact over spring break

Liberty students travel overseas for Spring missions trips

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The entire course of a life can often be traced back to one decision, and students at Liberty University are given a multitude of opportunities to make life-altering decisions.  Through Light, the outreach ministry arm of the Center for Global Engagement (CGE), students are given the chance to use their summer, winter, and spring breaks to travel and serve outside the United States, making decisions that will impact them, and the world, forever.

Eight teams from Liberty’s CGE traveled during spring break to Bosnia, Estonia/Latvia, Rwanda, the Pacific Rim, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Spain, and an undisclosed location in the Arab world.  


Students serving in Bosnia and Rwanda shared God’s peace with many who had seen their lives torn apart by war.  Daily tasks included attending to practical needs − distributing food and offering medical assistance – as well as addressing the deeper wounds of abandonment and tragedy.  Liberty students encouraged widows, comforted orphans, and proclaimed the message of Christ to those whose lives had been deeply scarred by war and unrest.

Spain, Latvia/Estonia

In Spain, students reached out to the North African population in Madrid.  They used sports, women’s ministries, and English classes to communicate God’s love to those living far from their native land.  Members of the Liberty Men’s Division I hockey team shared their athletic skills and their love for Christ with hockey players in Latvia and Estonia, proving that sports and faith can be an effective partnership. 

Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim

International business has changed the face of the globe and now many cities in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim are considered the crossroads of the world.  Students and young professionals, many of whom come from Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or Taoist backgrounds, gather there for work or education.  As fellow students, local young people felt comfortable spending time with the group from Liberty.  This opened the door to engage in discussions about the deeper issues in life – purpose, hope, and eternity — through English classes, ultimate Frisbee, and impromptu English conversations on local university campuses.  Youth and camp ministries gave Liberty students opportunities to share Christ with the next generation, as well as encourage other full-time missionaries serving there.


In Thailand, students ministered grace to those experiencing a different kind of homelessness – orphans and young men and women caught in the sex-trafficking industry.  Liberty teams also volunteered with children in an English-speaking K-12 school and with university students, striking up conversations and sharing the Gospel.  “Liberty students inserted themselves into the culture and threw themselves directly into ministry,” said Caleb Atkins, Liberty University Marketing video producer and Light media team member. “I was extremely proud of them.”

The Arab World

Though the name of this country cannot be disclosed, it currently has little to no access to the Gospel.  As with all Light trips, the CGE called on many to pray for this region and for those going there as they prepared unique ways to share the love of Christ and the everlasting hope they have in Him.

One decision can change the course of a lifetime.  Over 100 Liberty students decided to invest their 2013 spring break in serving others, and hundreds of lifetimes were impacted as a result.