ID & Campus Services

The role of ID & Campus Services is to fulfill the mission of Liberty University by supporting its students, faculty and staff. The Flames Pass is provided as the official Liberty University form of identification. 

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We're open extended night and weekend hours for your covenience.

  • Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
  • Saturday 12pm-6pm
  • Sunday 3pm-7pm

 ID & Campus Services Mission

The mission of ID & Campus Services is to educate students, faculty, staff and parents on the features of the Flames Pass and BankMobile in a Christian environment. BankMobile is Liberty University's refund management provider. 

The goal of ID & Campus Services is to seek new, expanded uses of the card through improved technologies and provide support to ensure a unified approach to accomplish university missions.

 The ID & Campus Services staff is committed to providing outstanding customer service in all areas of operations.





Free 16 oz. coffee when your purchase any breakfast sandwich using Flames Cash


(434) 582-7771

Montview Student Union Room 1720