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Worship students write, perform song for movie soundtrack

October 12, 2012 : By Drew Menard/Liberty University News Service

Senior Katelyn Scott (right) wrote a song which will be featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming film 'Finding Faith.' Senior Stephanie Bettcher starred in the film and will be singing the song.

Two Liberty University Center for Music and Worship students will have their talents featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming film “Finding Faith.”

Senior Katelyn Scott’s song, “Safe in Your Arms,” was selected by the film’s producers as the winner of a contest for Liberty’s songwriting specialization students. Senior Stephanie Bettcher, who starred as the film’s title character, Faith Garrett, will be singing the song.

“Finding Faith” is being filmed in Central Virginia, with Lynchburg as its hub. It aims to educate families on the importance of Internet safety through a powerful drama based on the real-life story of a girl who was abducted after falling prey to a skillful online predator. It is inspired by the experiences of Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown, who headed one of the nation’s first Internet Crimes Against Children task forces.

The film is presented by the Safe Surfin’ Foundation, and stars Erik Estrada, a Hollywood legend and activist best known for his role on the 1970s and ’80s television series “CHiPS.”

Liberty and Thomas Road Baptist Church have been at the heart of this project since the beginning, offering support and personnel for every stage of production.

Dean Haskins, “Finding Faith” co-executive producer, music director, and composer, said the production team decided to hold the contest because of the deep talent pool Liberty’s worship center had within its songwriting specialization.

“Songs that are used in conjunction with the movie need to fit the feel, the message of either of the entire movie or a specific scene,” Haskins said. “When we zeroed in on Katelyn Scott’s song, ‘Safe in Your Arms,’ we all realized right away, this message, this song, truly fits the heart of this movie.”

Scott said she began writing the song to encourage a friend who was going through a difficult time before she knew about the contest. As the song developed, she heard about the opportunity and instantly knew it would work for the part.

“I just took that song and kept going with it, and prayed through it,” she said.

Through a beautiful melody and powerful lyrics, “Safe in Your Arms,” reassures the listener even in the most trying circumstances God is always there, He never abandons us, and He gives strength and hope.

This message resonates with Bettcher, and also applies to her character, Faith, who even after being abducted by an Internet predator, learns to rely on God through hardship, as does her devastated family.


Haskins has his hands full with the project. In addition to writing the film’s original score and serving as an executive producer, he is directing the film’s soundtrack, which will feature songs by popular Christian artists Avalon and Jason Crabb, as well as recording artists familiar to Liberty, such as alumnus Guy Penrod, Charles Billingsley, and alumnus Justin Kintzel, Liberty’s worship pastor.

Red Tie Music will produce Scott’s song, as well as those by Billingsley and Kintzel, for the soundtrack.

Liberty’s worship center, housed within the new School of Music, offers specializations in songwriting and Christian music artist development, for those, like Scott and Bettcher, who have aspirations to write music or work as recording artists.

“Finding Faith,” is set to release sometime in 2013, following a screening tour at churches across the country, beginning at TRBC Jan. 19.

Read more about Liberty’s involvement in the project in a Liberty News article.

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