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Liberty faculty take part in creationism events

February 19, 2009 : University Advancement staff

Throughout the month of February, Liberty University continues to participate in events promoting the biblical view of creationism to counteract the 200th anniversary celebration of Charles Darwin’s birthday (Feb. 12).

Thomas Road Baptist Church’s Answers for Darwin Conference closed Tuesday night with a lecture by Dr. Marcus Ross, assistant director of LU’s Center for Creation Studies. Ross spoke on the evidence in fossils that support a creation view and in what areas the theory of evolution falls short. Dr. David DeWitt, director of LU’s Center for Creation Studies, spoke Monday night on how evolution is based on an interpretive framework and why a creation model of life makes sense.

Creationism events will continue as the Liberty University School of Law will be showing films on creation in the Supreme Courtroom. “Expelled” will be shown on Feb. 20; “Unlocking the Mysteries of Life” will be shown on Feb. 27. The films will begin at 7 p.m.

LU’s Center for Creation Studies is an educational and research center and includes professors DeWitt, Ross, Dr. Terry Spohn and Dr. Douglas Oliver. Now offering a Creation Studies minor to students, the center’s primary focus is the Creation Studies 290 course. In addition to speaking at several colleges and churches, the members of the center regularly publish several articles and books supporting the biblical view of creationism (most recently DeWitt’s “Unraveling the Origins Controversy”).

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