C. David Ianuzzo, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Professor of Physiology
Department of Integrative Physiology  and Pharmacology

C. David Ianuzzo


Dr. Ianuzzo’s first position, after graduating from Washington State University, was in Biology and Allied Health Science at Boston University. Following the time in Boston, he accepted a position at York University in Toronto and had an adjunct appointment at University of Toronto in Department of  Surgery and a sabbatical appointment at the Meakins- Christie Laboratories, Department of Medicine, McGill University. In 1992 he returned to the USA as the Director and a Senior Research Scientist at Deborah (Heart and Lung) Research Institute in New Jersey. He then went into Christian ministry for 6 years before accepting a position as Chair of Applied Health Science at Wheaton College

He has been listed in American Men and Women in Science (1987) and in Who’s Who in Health Science Education (2008). He has published more than a hundred original research papers, book chapters and abstracts on the cellular adaptations in heart, respiratory muscle, and skeletal muscle. Along with his discovery that thyroidism alters the expression of fast and slow skeletal myosin, he was involved in taking basic science findings to a clinical application in transforming the Latissimus Dorsi muscle via electrical stimulation into a fatigue resistant muscle that can be used for cardiac assist in patients with heart failure (i.e., cardiomyoplasty).

He is married to Sigrid and they have four adult children. He enjoys his family, teaching adult Bible classes, reading science and being a sports fan.

In Dr. Ianuzzo’s spare time, he and Dr. Dormer teach an apologetic Bible series at their local church, Hyland Heights Baptist Church, entitled The Truth Project