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Life at LUCOM

At Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM), we believe healing the hurting starts by placing the patient, not the disease, at the center of care. We believe it’s about reaching out to those with little or no access to health services. We believe it’s about humbly serving the people around us and learning that wellness and disease prevention is more than the absence of disease — it’s a working harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.

This balance creates an environment where you are surrounded by people who truly value you for who you are. Liberty osteopathic medical students train to become doctors with a drive to remain lifelong learners. They desire to contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge and have a passion to bring healing to the hurting.

LUCOM is a faith-based institution which draws high quality, compassionate individuals who seek to model the love of Jesus by showing care and support towards the entire student body.

Our Program

At LUCOM, you’ll experience more than the traditional lecture and classroom demonstrations. We teach using an active learning style and incorporate team activities, interactive classroom learning, and care-based education, as well as simulation and standardized patient (trained actor) events.

There are four academic years for a medical student and, after graduation, three or more years of residency.

Years One and Two

Your first two-years of LUCOM are pivotal and rigorous, setting the foundation of quality medical care. Within the Center for Medical and Health Sciences, you’ll have lecture presentations, labs, exams. You’ll also experience exposure to standardized patients and high-fidelity simulators as well as medical outreach opportunities, both local and international.

Years Three and Four

During the third- and fourth-year, you’ll have clinical rotations which take place all over the country at our affiliate locations. Here’s where you will have access to practicing physicians and apply your classroom knowledge and experience to real-life medical situations. Clinical rotations also help you choose your medical specialty.

It is also during your fourth-year when medical students apply for and learn about your Match location.


At the conclusion of your medical education and post-graduation, students begin Graduate Medical Education (GME) or residency. Depending on your choice of specialty, this could be a three-to-seven-year investment, up to ten years, in some cases. Residencies lead to state licensure and board certification.

Our Faith

At LUCOM, we educate osteopathic physicians in a Christian environment. That’s part of our mission. Our faculty actively prepare physicians dedicated to service toward their fellow man, lifelong learning, and the advancement of medical knowledge.

Our mission continues in training these future physicians to provide ethical, compassionate, competent, and patient-centered osteopathic medical care. It is our goal to instill into our students the Christian values of integrity, teamwork, professionalism, and the ethical treatment of all people.

LUCOM Shepherd exists to develop Champions for Christ by fostering a holistic community through peer mentorships, pastoral care, and life-skills training. These shepherds have chosen to make themselves available because they want to encourage, guide, pray for, listen to, offer wisdom and advice to you to see you succeed.

Our Facilities

Medical Facilities

Where you study is as important as what you study. At LUCOM, you’ll use the latest medical technology, including an Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) Lab where students hone their skills to diagnose injury and illness through physical manipulation.

LUCOM provides state-of-the-art facilities to ensure that our osteopathic medical students receive a highly advanced medical education in a positive learning environment.

The educational components of the Center for Medical and Health Sciences (CMHS) are reserved for Liberty University student-doctors and offers 140,000 square feet of state-of-the-art, modern technology.

Recreational Facilities

As a student-doctor, you have access to all of Liberty’s recreational facilities, including the LaHaye Recreation & Fitness Center, indoor basketball courts, soccer fields, tennis courts, an Olympic-size pool, a rock-climbing wall, an ice center, and cardio and weightlifting facilities.

You can also enjoy year-round snowless skiing, snowboarding, and tubing at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre and participate in one of Liberty’s many intramural sports.

If you prefer to be on the sidelines, you can also cheer on our 20 NCAA Division I athletic programs and more than 40 Club Sports teams. If you’re more into the arts, you can catch the latest art gallery exhibit or enjoy a play at Tower Theater or The Box Theater.

Our Professors

Exhibiting professionalism and knowledge, LUCOM faculty members demonstrate care, compassion, and support for students on the life-changing journey of medical school. All levels of faculty make themselves readily available for guidance, counsel, and support.

Our Support

In addition to coping with the normal stressors of everyday life, medical students must deal with high demands that are specific to medical school.

Maintaining emotional wellness during medical school can be a challenge. At LUCOM, we provide a variety of mental and physical health services including 24-hour psychiatric services, confidential counseling, resources and referrals.

Our Office of Student Services helps you maintain physical, mental and spiritual wellness balance while working hard toward your degree. In addition to scheduling “de-stress” events throughout the year, our office plans fellowship events, connects you with volunteer opportunities, and hosts weekly Convocations for spiritual growth.