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Community-based Clinical Education

Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) uses a community-based clinical education model for the third- and fourth-years of medical education. Our clinical partners work in conjunction with LUCOM to provide excellent clinical experiences in a diversity of sites located throughout Virginia, and clinical sites in Illinois, Texas, and Mississippi. As a Liberty osteopathic medical student, you will be provided with inpatient clinical experiences at hospitals and medical centers, as well as outpatient experiences at hospital-based clinics, free-standing clinics, and physicians’ offices. The availability of elective opportunities will maximize your career options and enrich your undergraduate medical education as you consider potential specialties.

As a third-year student-doctor, your core rotations are designed to expose you to the breadth of medical knowledge, and to standardize the learning experience in this year. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to perform clinical rotations at our core sites provided below.

As a fourth-year student-doctor, you will participate in clinical educational experiences designed to prepare you for Graduate Medical Education (GME) following medical school. There is flexibility in selecting clinical experiences in multiple specialties. Clinical rotations are comprised of clinical experiences in which the specialties, locations, and preceptors are identified by student-doctors and may be completed at affiliated site with LUCOM-credentialed preceptors. This flexibility will allow you to set up a fourth-year schedule time to optimize preparation for GME in the specialty of your choice and to gain important experience in the field prior to residency interviews. Additional elective opportunities are permitted at non-affiliated sites in accordance with guidelines found in the LUCOM Clinical Training Manual.

LUCOM has an extensive list of credentialed clinical faculty, view the roster by specialty.

For more information about Core Rotation Sites and Elective Sites, email the Office of Clinical Rotations at LUCOMClinicalEducation@liberty.edu.

Core Rotation Sites
International Rotations
Elective Sites
Elective Site Payments
Letters of Recommendation

As LUCOM student-doctors continue in their clinical education, the season for Letters of Recommendation (LoR) will soon be here. The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®) is a service of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and consists of MyERAS for applicants, Dean’s Office Workstation (DWS) for medical schools, Program Director’s Workstation (PDWS) for training programs and the ERAS Letter of Recommendation Portal (LoRP) for LoR Authors (LoRA).

Each clinical adjunct faculty is asked to review the following documents: