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Administrative Leadership

David F. Klink, DO
Interim Dean
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

Joseph W. Brewer, PhD
Associate Dean for Research
Chair of Molecular and Cellular Sciences
Associate Professor of Immunology

Michael G. Hueber, DO
Assistant Dean of Clinical Education
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine

Timothy O. Leonard, MD, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
Associate Professor of Pathology, Department of Specialty Medicine

Sherri L. Martin
Director of Accreditation, Affiliations, and Credentialing

Ray L. Morrison, DO, FACOS
Assistant Dean of Clinical Education
Academic and Career Advisor
Chair of Surgery (Department of Specialty Medicine)

Michael B. Weigner, MD, FACEP
Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine


Department of Anatomical Sciences

Leslie A. Hammer, PhD
Assistant Professor

R. James Swanson, PhD 
Chair and Professor

Bo Liu, PhD
Assistant Professor of Anatomy

Amanda E. Troy, PhD
Assistant Professor of Anatomy

Jason E. Wells, PhD
Associate Professor of Neurosciences
Chair, Division of Neurosciences

OMS-I Curriculum Director
Vice-Chair, Department of Anatomical Sciences

Department of Family Medicine

Lauri Ann Maitland, DO, MPH
Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Raena M. Pettitt, DO
Chair, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine

Mark E. Rolfs, DO, PharmD
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine

Sigmund P. Seiler, MD
Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Department of Integrative Physiology and Pharmacology

Anthony J.M. Bauer, PhD
Associate Professor of Physiology

Kenneth J. Dormer, PhD, FAHA
Chair and Professor of Physiology

Joseph C. Gigliotti, PhD
Assistant Professor of Physiology

C. David Ianuzzo, PhD
Professor of Physiology

John R. Martin, PhD
Professor of Pharmacology

Eugene S. Patterson, PhD
Professor of Pharmacology

Department of Internal Medicine

Kathleen P. Bogacz, MD, FACP
Assistant Professor

Carl R. Hoegerl, DO
Chair and Professor of Neurology

Charles R. Joseph, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Department of Molecular and Cellular Sciences

Mark. E. Hemric, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry

Yingguang Liu, PhD
Associate Professor of Microbiology

Matthew K. Pelletier, PhD
Director of Assessment and Outcomes
Associate Professor of Human Genetics

Scott M. Severance, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine/
Osteopathic Principles and Practices

Eric E. Gish, DO, FHP
Associate Professor
Director of Osteopathic Integration

James W. Kribs, DO
Chair and Associate Professor

Michael D. Lockwood, DO

Department of Primary Care

Kimberly M. DeVolld, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatrics

David J. McLario, DO, FAAP, FACEP
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Olubukola I. Ojuola, MD, MPH
Chair, Division of Pediatrics

John G. Pierce, MD
Chair, Division of Women's Health

Department of Specialty Medicine

Amanda M. Baright, DO
Assistant Professor, Division of Surgery

Laura J. Potter, MD, FACEP
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Chris M. Thomson, MD, FACEP
Associate Professor

Division of Behavioral Health

Linda S. Mintle, PhD
Director, Strategic Development for Clinical Affairs

Medical Library

Diane S. Garber
Director, Medical Library

Robert P. Morrisette
Associate Librarian


Gary L. Patton, PhD, LPC, NCC 
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Services

Troy Burnett
Associate Director of Student Services

Meagan Eckhardt
Student Services Coordinator

Christen Gery
Student Services Coordinator

Jacqueline Mendez
Associate Director of Recruiting

Barry Ousley
Assistant Director of Admissions-Operations

Benjamin Smith
Associate Director of Admissions

Luska Suzano
Admissions Coordinator


(alphabetical by last name)

Kevin Bolden
Director of Operations

Vernetta Bolden
Senior Administrative Coordinator

Laura Boyer
Administrative Assistant

Christopher R. Breedlove
Director of Marketing, Public Relations, and Web-Operations

Kristen M. Breedlove
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Jay Bright
Administrative Assistant

Chaka Burnett
Assistant Director of Clinical Rotations

Heather-Anne Chalkan
Simulation Specialist

Katherine Christine, MEd, MPH
Anatomy Lab Teaching Assistant

Jeni Coleman
Academic Counselor

James Cook
Director of Medical Outreach and International Medicine

Allison Davis

Kisha Davis
Student Accounts Representative

Jill Dobson
Administrative Assistant

Alisa Dyson, EdD
Director of Faculty Development and Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Staci Engel, MSN, RN
Administrative Director, Center for Standardized Patients and Simulation

Denise Farmer
Administrative Assistant

Heather Fechter
Associate Registrar

Caylee Griffin
Academic Coordinator (OMS-I)

Teresa Henderson
Director of Clinical Rotations, Center for Standardized Patients and Simulation

Ryan Hepler
Academic Coordinator (OMS-IV, Clinical Rotations)

Meesha Hickson
Director of Administration and Finance

Jennifer Jones
Administrative Assistant

Ashley Keesee
Administrative Assistant

Asa Keimig
Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator

Kelby Keimig
Administrative Assistant

Christy Klamm
Center for Medical and Health Sciences Receptionist

Ashley Langille
Academic Coordinator

Barbara Lutz
Research Manager

Connie Mathes
Library Manager

Rhonda McPeck
Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean

Richard Okimoto
Anatomy Lab Teaching Assistant

Kareen Ousley
Senior Administrative Assistant to Associate Deans

Laura Santiago-Slagle
International Medicine Coordinator

Charlena Schubert
Administrative Assistant

Joyce Scott
Administrative Assistant

Katelyn Sherland
Graduate Medical Education Coordinator

Patrick Slagle
Director of Financial Aid

Mariah Swinson
Assistant Director of Accreditation, Affiliations, and Credentialing

Justin Waldron
Academic Coordinator

Pamela Watson
Assistant Director for Standardized Patients and Simulation

Robbin B. Wright
Clinical Rotations Coordinator