Department of Biblical Studies

Get the biblical foundation you need to prepare for seminary, graduate school, or Christian service. Through our various degrees, our department offers you in-depth study of the Bible and the Christian faith. Learn how to biblically justify the essential truths of evangelical Christianity, apply the principles of biblical interpretation, and analyze the major figures, events, and issues within church history.

Let us prepare you for your career and to equip you to relevantly engage the culture with the truth of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Biblical Studies Chair:

Degree Programs 


  • Biblical and Educational Studies (B.S.) – Online
  • Biblical Studies (B.A.) – Residential
  • Religious Studies (B.S.) – Residential
    • Biblical Languages
    • Global Studies
    • Jewish Studies
    • New Testament
    • Old Testament
    • Theology and Apologetics



Opportunities to Get Involved

  • Apologetics Club
  • Biblical Studies Symposium
  • Faculty Assistant
  • Holy Land Tours/Excavations
  • Missions Trips
  • Tutoring