BS in Pastoral Leadership

Pastoral Leadership (B.S.)

Residential Program

Gain leadership dynamics along with an in-depth knowledge of the Scriptures with a B.S. in Pastoral Leadership from the Rawlings School of Divinity. We’ll prepare you for pastoral or ministry careers like senior/associate pastor, evangelist, or missions pastor. With a B.S. in Pastoral Leadership, you’ll also be equipped for graduate-level studies. 

Academic Information



Sampling of program courses:

  • Theology Survey I: THEO 201
  • Pastoral Epistles and Leadership Development: BIBL 324
  • Hermeneutics: BIBL 480
  • Foundation to Pastoral Leadership: CLED 201
  • Church Planting/Development: CLED 251
  • Staff Management/Relations in Pastoral Leadership: CLED 302

Program of Study

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Career Opportunities

  • Administrative Pastor
  • Children's Pastor
  • Christian Education Director
  • Church Recreation Director
  • Evangelist
  • Missions Pastor
  • Senior/Associate Pastor
  • Young Adults Minister

Approved Site Churches

All PLED majors are required to be active participants in the ministry of a local church in order to earn their degree.