New Member Interest Form - Start Here!

I hope you have found our marching band website informative.  If you are interested in joining us, please know that we are interested in you, too!  We have a great goup of college students that will welcome you into the Liberty University Marching Band.  You are about to enter an ensemble like none other!  Your first step follows:

All persons interested in joining the Liberty University Marching Band must first submit the New Member Interest Form.  As a result, you will recieve and application, DVD and scholarship information via USPS mail.  Just click on the New Member Interest Form link to proceed.  After you complete this form, you will be directed back to the Marching Band Home Page.

Upon submitting the New Member Interest Form, please visit our "Auditions" page for more information.  Please know that we are diligent in finding a place in our band for as many students as possible, so apply with confidence!