College of General Studies

The College of General Studies (CGS) was founded with the goal of setting students on the right path to graduation. CGS focuses its efforts on helping students in several areas: 

  • Acclimating to life at Liberty University
  • Formulating their academic and career goals
  • Gaining academic preparation for their major of choice.

The College of General Studies oversees the 100- and 200-level classes that most students must take as part of their degree programs. These classes focus on the core competencies students need to succeed in their major and in life. Whether students in CGS classes are practicing their writing and speaking skills, manipulating data in a laboratory or seeking it at the library, or considering how best to apply biblical principles to a difficult ethical situation, they will gain transferrable skills that will serve them well as they finish their time at Liberty and move out into the world. 

CGS accomplishes its broad goal of getting students where they need to be principally because its faculty members care about student success. CGS employs only instructors who are passionate about their subjects and love to teach. These faculty leverage technology to achieve the best possible student learning outcomes, and they continually explore innovative teaching methods that meet students’ individual learning needs. CGS students sit under the University’s master teachers, but they also receive intense, individual instruction in smaller breakout sessions. As a result of this, Liberty students will enter the world with the skills they need to glorify God in all they do.

Online Program

The College of General Studies Online is the largest of Liberty University’s online divisions, with over 500 faculty teaching more than 1,200 sections each semester. Each of our faculty members is not only trained on the best practices for teaching online in general, they are also given detailed instructions and mentoring on how to teach and operate within their specific courses. One of our key goals is to create an environment where our students experience continuity in each of their general studies courses in terms of feedback and faculty interaction.

Innovations in faculty training, departmental communication, data collection, and course assessment have aided in our ability to assure a quality educational experience for the tens of thousands of students that take our courses each sub-term. We have established protocols that drive students’ success and have designed additional remedial courses that give every student a chance at improving their academic standing and at meeting their educational goals. We will continue to innovate and utilize technology, relationships, and the ideas of students and faculty alike to complete our mission.

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