Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Major (B.S.)

Residential Program 

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The Biochemistry major offers a curriculum in which students study the chemical basis for the structure and function within biological systems. Students will study God’s complex creation at the organismic, cellular, molecular, and atomic levels.  The curriculum is designed to provide a broad and deep foundation in biological and chemical concepts and to provide research-level laboratory experiences. Upon completing the Biochemistry degree, a student will have the knowledge and skills to pursue professional careers or post-graduate training in areas such as immunology, toxicology, pharmacology, neurochemistry, bioorganic, bioinorganic, and biophysical chemistry

Because you train directly under your professors, rather than graduate students or teaching assistants, you will be exceptionally prepared to succeed in professional school or graduate school.

Program of Study

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Career Opportunities

  • Physician
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • College Professor/Researcher
  • Veterinarian