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Student Leadership team on move-in-day

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When students come to Liberty University, they join a community that cares about them and will support them throughout their university experience.

The student leadership team helps to create this close, spiritual community that is unique to Liberty. The team is structured to ensure that students are loved and spiritually discipled throughout their journey in becoming Champions for Christ.

The Office of Student Leadership develops the relationship, leadership, and ministry skills of these student leaders and trains them to lead effectively in any environment.

Welcome Week

As incoming students moved to campus for the fall, student leaders were waiting with smiles and were ready to lend a helping hand. Student leaders assisted their peers as they moved into their rooms and shared their knowledge of campus so that new students could quickly feel at home.

During Welcome Week, which takes place during the week before classes begin, new students have the opportunity to take part in informative sessions where they learn about various university services. A number of exciting activities are also offered to give students a taste of the adventurous opportunities Campus Recreation provides throughout the semester. The Welcome Week events include karaoke nights, kayaking and mountain biking at Camp Hydaway, a night of worship, and the Back to School Bash carnival event.

Support Network

Every on-campus student has five leaders on their residence hall to whom they can turn for guidance: two resident assistants (RAs), two spiritual life coaches (SLCs), and a prayer and life group leader (PLGL). There is one RA and one SLC to every 28 students and one PLGL for every six students.

Resident assistants are the top leadership positions on the residence halls, overseeing every student. Spiritual Life Coaches assist the RAs as well as supervise and support PLGLs. PLGLs lead a weekly prayer group of five to six students and provide one-on-one daily mentoring and support.

“While most other schools have RAs as we do, they typically don’t have further hall leadership designed to connect with students individually,” said Dustin DuBose, director of the Office of Student Leadership. “At Liberty, our SLCs and PLGLs are essential for achieving the close-knit community on our residence halls. Each student leader seeks to connect with the students in their prayer and life group or on the hall in order to create a positive atmosphere for learning and growth.”

Unique benefits

The student leadership team helps Liberty students connect on a personal level in a large university setting. Throughout the school year, student leaders serve as an example of Christ to those around them.

“From helping new students move into their halls in the hot summer, to praying with them during tough times, I consistently see student leaders sacrifice themselves to serve other students,” DuBose said. “Many leaders will offer to help a student who has gotten sick by picking up meals for them or making a run to the store. Living together gives students the opportunity to care for one another in ways that go beyond the classroom.”