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Since its founding in 1971, Liberty University has grown with intention, purpose, and boldness, building a foundation for sustainable achievement and a proud Liberty Flames legacy. Liberty is the largest private, nonprofit, four-year college in the country, the nation’s fifth largest university, as well as the largest college in Virginia.

Interested in a biology degree? Check out Liberty!

With a residential student to professor ratio of 24:1, Liberty’s small class sizes give students the most valuable learning experiences while working towards earning their biology degrees. A biology degree opens several doors of opportunity in career areas such as chiropractic centers, or high school teaching or as preparation for medical or dental school. Liberty also offers a biochemistry degree, which has become a popular choice among students.

Earn a biochemistry degree from Liberty UniversityLiberty’s biochemistry degree

The biochem degree (biochemistry degree) at Liberty equips students with the skills they need to become a chemical technician, environmental biologist, or even a health and beauty specialist. The biochemistry degree is extremely versatile and practical for today’s medical world.

Study from a Christian worldview for a bachelor’s degree in biology

Earning your biology degree at Liberty University is a very different educational experience than what you will find at secular schools. All biology courses are taught from a Christian worldview, so while students are working toward their biology or biochemistry degree, they are also strengthening their spiritual life, and confirming why they believe in the reality of Biblical creation. 

Secular universities teach evolution to students who are working toward their biology degree, and creationism is a foreign concept many. Liberty, however, holds true to its mission of Training Champions for Christ, and instills biblical values to students, even from the classroom lectern.

Liberty houses an impressive biology program - start earning your biology degree or biochemistry degree today!

Earning your biology degree or biochemistry degree has never been more exciting. Liberty’s programs prepare students for graduate school, professional school, or for the workforce. Students working toward their bachelor’s degree in biology or biochemistry degree get to receive valuable laboratory training and enjoy hands-on, interactive learning with state-of-the-art equipment.

All students are taught directly by professors, rather than graduate student assistants, ensuring practical and professional preparation for the future, whether that is graduate school or the workforce.

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Learn more about Liberty's Department of Biology and Chemistry and start working toward your biology or biochemistry degree today and plan for a bright future with a career in biology.