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A top business school, Liberty University's School of Business

Liberty’s School of Business offers an accredited, world-class education.

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Located in Lynchburg, Va., Liberty University is the largest private, nonprofit, four-year college in the country, and the nation’s fifth largest university. More importantly, as the world’s largest Christian university, the mission of Training Champions for Christ prepares students to become leaders in their chosen fields. Liberty’s business school graduates are doing just that.  Faculty and students in the School of Business share a commitment to service and learning, relying on their God for strength.

A Christian School of Business

Liberty’s Christian School of Business has quickly made a name for itself among the top business programs in the nation. Faculty believe this is because students are constantly challenged to achieve the next level of success, wherever that may be or whatever form that will take. As a Christian school of business, students not only develop strong critical thinking skills and business wisdom, but they also mature in morals and values. Liberty’s School of Business students are being trained to become the employee, leader, or entrepreneur that organizations are seeking today.

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A Variety of Opportunities

Liberty’s business school students have the opportunity to specialize in a variety of fields. The Bachelor of Science in Business offers seven separate academic tracks, allowing students to tailor their education to their future goals. Business majors choose between accounting, finance and economics, human resource management, information systems, international business, marketing, and project management.  Many students in the business school opt to complete multiple tracks, giving them a broad knowledge base and an even more competitive edge in the job market. All programs of study in the school of business train students to identify, analyze, and handle ethical dilemmas from a sound moral and biblical perspective, a valuable lesson that many other business schools neglect. As a Christian school of business, Liberty has the freedom to prepare students for the workforce not only academically and professionally, but also spiritually.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Liberty’s School of Business emphasizes the importance of hands-on experience in the field of business. All students are strongly encouraged to complete an internship before graduation. The business internship program provides students with freedom to choose their internship company, as well as their desired work load. Business students receive support from faculty and advisors throughout the internship process. The Liberty University Center for Entrepreneurship is another means by which Liberty prepares business students for success. Through this initiative, students work with various organizations, practicing concepts that they have learned in the classroom.

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