One of the best Christian colleges keeps getting better

Liberty University leads the way among Top Christian Colleges

A Top Christian College

As the largest nonprofit private university and Christian college, Liberty University is dedicated to providing students with the best faith-centered education possible. Since 1971, Liberty University has steadily grown to become one of the top Christian colleges in the nation.

Located in Lynchburg, Virginia, the expansive campus provides students with an extremely well rounded college experience. At Liberty University, faith and academics go hand in hand. In addition to being one of the best Christian colleges, Liberty also excels at athletics, having 20 NCAA Division I programs, and providing students with various recreational activities including 35 club sports and 20 intramural sports.

Why Liberty stands out among Christian Colleges

Consistently listed as one of the top Christian colleges in the nation, Liberty is an accredited university that offers students a variety of ways to get an education allowing them to succeed in the job market and life, including offering more than 520 programs of study, residential study, online study, and graduate programs. The current student-to-professor ratio for resident undergraduate programs is 24:1, while the online ratio is 17:1, making Liberty one of the best Christian colleges for personalized education and individual student guidance.

A Rich Student Life

Liberty University prides itself on having a rich student life. Students consistently show enthusiasm, school spirit, as well as fellowship in Christ, and strong moral character. There are many Christian colleges, but Liberty has secured its place as the best college for students who truly value faith and education. The campus offers various worship services and provides many different ways for students to get involved, including Christian and Community Service programs, short-term mission trips, ministry teams, and long-term mission trips.

A Top Online Christian College Experience

Liberty also has options for those looking for an online experience. As a top online Christian college, Liberty is happy to provide this option to students who work better in this environment. With over 200 in-demand undergraduate and postgraduate degrees available online, Liberty University Online offers a sought-after approach to distance education. Liberty Online is consistently ranked among the top 10 online universities by Online Education Database because of high retention and graduation rates.

Get Started with Liberty Today

As the largest Christian college in the nation, Liberty University encourages parents and prospective students to learn more about the university and visit the campus. The campus offers programs like Friendly Fridays, College for a Weekend, and guided student-led campus tours to help prospective students experience life at Liberty firsthand. Request more information today to learn what sets Liberty University apart from other Christian colleges.

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