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Summer 2013 : Liberty University News Service

Major construction projects for the $400 million rebuilding of Liberty University’s campus are in full force, but the school’s planning and construction team is still hitting the drawing board every day, revealing future projects that will enhance the educational, recreational, and social opportunities available at the world’s largest Christian university.

The school has adopted a new master plan, charting the course for its future growth as an expected 16,000 students call Liberty’s campus their home by 2020. The drawing below shows major construction projects already under way or about to begin around Liberty’s main academic corridor, but there are many more projects being planned throughout campus and on Liberty’s mountain property, so we’re offering you a sneak preview of what’s to come. Many of the renderings are only conceptual drawings, so the end result may vary from what is shown.

The newest structures taking shape, including the $50 million Jerry Falwell Library named for Liberty’s founder and the new Center for Medical and Health Sciences to train Liberty’s first physicians, are solid testimonies of God’s blessings on the 42-year-old university. Together with university planners, administrators are not only working to create a unified architecture for the campus, they are also staying in tune with students’ needs as academic and athletics programs expand. Talk with many students today and you will no doubt hear that it is an exciting time to be at Liberty University.

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