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12 Steps to Successful Recruiting

  1. Find your trip’s ‘Why’. Why should a student choose to travel with you? It is important to paint the picture of your ‘why’ in the promo pitch you submit with your trip proposal. The better the pitch, the more effective your marketing campaign will be.
  2. Utilize your creative collateral. During the first phase of planning (usually within 6-10 weeks of your trip being approved by the Provost), LU Send will provide you with a packet of recruitment material/collateral designed. You should also familiarize yourself with the student trip portal on LU Send’s website so you can redirect students with questions to that resources.
  3. Plan a recruitment/trip information meeting. During your intro meeting, your LU Send Trip Coordinator will be happy to give you ideas of what to cover in such a meeting. In addition, for residential faculty, LU Send will be tabling in each school periodically throughout the year to support faculty in recruiting for their school’s trips.
  4. Mention your trip often. It can take 15-16 exposures to create a viable lead in sales. The better you portray the value of the trip to the participant and zero in on the target audience, the fewer exposures you will need to fill your trip. It is important to make announcements at every gathering and utilize the PowerPoint slide in your Recruitment Packet once those become available to you.
  5. Leverage LU Send Trip Coordinator and/or Leadership. Have LU Send speak in each of your classes about your trip and about Study Abroad/Internship opportunities. It is always useful to have a third party validate what you are already saying to your audience. Please fill out the following form to request a guest speaker: LU Send Speaker Request Form
  6. Get Personal. Invite students personally. This generation is highly motivated to seek mentorship and personal relationships with faculty. When you invest in students, make sure to extend an invitation to your trip.
  7. Get Social. With the content provided by LU Send, you will have the opportunity to create a recruitment page on Facebook for your trip. This can be both an effective tool for recruitment, but also a great way to keep in touch with students after a trip and post meaningful content.
  8. Encourage skeptical students to fundraise for the trip. The students’ extended family/friends and their home church will likely be very excited about investing in the student’s education in such a memorable way. LU Send provides student fundraising tips in the enclosed document, and there are no fees when making a contribution to a trip!  Student Fundraising Ideas Booklet
  9. Leverage testimonials. If you have led a trip before, or you are leading a repeated trip for your school, be sure to circulate any solid testimonials from previous trip participants. LU Send may have testimonials from a similar trip that would work well too! Please ask your Trip Coordinator to request those from LU Send’s Coordinator of Systems & Analytics as those are submitted as part of the post-trip surveys.
  10. Think ahead. While traveling, collect video testimonials from your trip to use in recruiting for future trips. Make sure the testimonials highlight fun, education, and you!
  11. Ask for referrals. With referrals, “you have not because you ask not,” James 4:2. Students can be the key to filling up a trip. Leverage your relationship with students who are already excited about your trip. Ask them for 2 – 3 potential travelers and ask for them to make the connection for you. Think creatively. Your LU Send Trip Registration Page can have a “Recommend this Trip” button you can share with your students.
  12. Be Accountable. Let’s face it. Being a faculty member is complex. We understand you are busy and we want to help keep you on track for recruiting. Your Trip Coordinator will help you set up a timeline of tasks to be completed to keep your recruitment on track. Remember, stay optimistic and productive. You can do this!