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Microcredentials and Digital Badges at Liberty University

Microcredentialing, Digital Badging, and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Micro-credentials are short, competency-based recognition or certifications that focus on specific skills or knowledge areas. Unlike traditional degree programs, microcredentials are designed to be more flexible, accessible, and targeted. They often involve short-term, focused learning experiences, such as online courses, workshops, or projects, that allow individuals to acquire and demonstrate proficiency in a particular skill set.

Microcredentials are gaining popularity in the rapidly evolving job market as they provide a more agile and customizable approach to professional development. They allow individuals to enhance their expertise in specific areas, making them valuable assets in the workforce, and can be stacked or combined to create a comprehensive and personalized learning journey.

Ways to Earn Microcredentials at Liberty University

Certificates of Completion

A Certificate of Completion is a formal document awarded to individuals who have successfully finished a not-for-credit training program, course, or workshop.

Certificates serve as tangible proof that the recipient has met the necessary requirements and demonstrated proficiency in the subject matter.

Digital Badges

Digital badges are visual representations of skills, achievements, or certifications earned by individuals in various learning or professional environments, and are backed by metadata. Badges provide specific information about the issuercriteria for earning the badge, and evidence of the accomplishment. Badges can be awarded for both not-for-credit and for-credit activities. Type of badge would be determined based on student achievement in the particular activity.

Achievement Badges are awarded for completion of the activities, but with scores received below the competency level or without scores for personal enrichment.

Competency Badges are awarded for completion and the qualitative measurement and evaluation of the attainment of a particular skill (level to be determined by activity).

Students who receive competency badges via not-for-credit activity can petition to receive credit for those badges via the E-Plus process.

Digital badges issued by Liberty University are housed at libertyuniversity.badgr.com.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) recognize professional development and learning activities beyond formal academic degrees. Typically employed in various industries and professions, CEUs provide a structured way to track and acknowledge the completion of relevant training or other educational experiences. For most CEUs *one CEU is equivalent to ten hours of participation in an organized continuing education program.

*For ACSI CEUs one CEU is equivalent to one hour of instruction.

Professionals accumulate CEUs to meet licensure requirements of regulatory bodies. Examples of professional licenses that require CEUs include teachers, counselors, and nurses.

Benefits of Microcredentials

  • Specialized Skills Acquisition: Allows individuals to focus on acquiring specific, targeted skills that are directly relevant to their career goals or areas of interest.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Our microcredential programs are flexible and accessible, offering online courses that individuals can complete at their own pace.
  • Quick and Timely Learning: Individuals can quickly gain new skills or knowledge, making them more adaptable to evolving industry demands.
  • Demonstration of Expertise: Earning microcredentials provides individuals with tangible evidence of their expertise in specific areas, enhancing their credibility and marketability to potential employers.
  • Career Advancement: Microcredentials can open up new opportunities for career advancement.
  • Personalized Learning Paths: Individuals have the flexibility to choose microcredentials that align with their unique career goals, creating a personalized learning path tailored to their aspirations and interests.
  • Digital Portability: Digital badges and certificates associated with microcredentials are easily shareable online, allowing individuals to showcase their achievements on professional platforms, social media, or in job applications.

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