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"I am a wife to Brian & Mom to our four in a very loud house.  Imperfect & flawed but saved by God's grace. This space is dedicated to pointing you, our online students, to the events & services of YOUR campus. I look forward to connecting with you here."

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Blog: Discover Your Campus

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Discover The Center for Global Engagement

This week on our Discover Liberty Blog we want to bring our focus to The Center for Global Engagement.  Throughout our lifetime we will encounter many people and many different cultures, sometimes simply from walking out our own front door.  Other times, engaging with other cultures, may mean traveling beyond our own communities to a broader world.  

So who is The Center for Global Engagement and how can you, as an online student, benefit and get involved?  Well, first some introduction.

What is “The Center for Global Engagement?”:

"The Center for Global Engagement exists to foster a global perspective within the Liberty University community that reflects God’s love for all nations and produces involvement throughout the world. This is accomplished through academic programs, cross-cultural internships, short-term teams and a variety of other resources and mentorship opportunities."

Currently global service trips are not available to the majority of our online students (unless you live locally to the Lynchburg area.)  However, there are others ways to be involved and connect through the global engagement office to the need beyond your own front door.   

Global Focus Week: Global Focus Week (GFW) is a semi-annual conference aimed at raising global awareness among the Liberty University students, faculty and staff. The conference offers students the opportunity to hear globally influential guest speakers in Convocation, connect with cross-cultural workers at an expo of organizations involved in diverse international endeavors, and participate in interactive cultural learning break-out sessions. 

The next upcoming global focus week will be held February 9-13, 2015

Loan Repayment Program - The Loan Repayment program is a debt repayment opportunity of $30,000 per individual. Liberty undergraduate and/or graduate alumni who are US citizens serving outside of the United States will be considered for this new program if they meet all criteria for eligibility.

If you are a Liberty alumni and currently serving outside the United States check out the information here to see if you are eligible for the Loan Repayment Program. 

Global Studies Major and Minors - The Global Studies program is designed to produce Christ-centered leaders with the values, knowledge and intercultural skills required to excel as individuals in their communities, lead as professionals in their fields, and serve as followers of Christ in the global context of the 21st century.  Students majoring in Global Studies will develop the skills necessary for effective cross-cultural engagement. This program prepares graduates to: communicate across cultures, cultivate healthy intercultural relationships, develop careers in both local and global settings, and understand the particular dynamics associated with living and working in an international context. Students receive thorough training in Cultural Intelligence® which is sought by many leading multi-national corporations and non-profit organizations. After extensive preparation through diverse courses, students apply what they have learned during a semester abroad Global Internship Experience.

Contact: Want to learn more?  Connect with the Global Engagement Office - 434-592-6500 /  /

How do you think globally? We love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below.





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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Champion For Christ - A Staff Highlight

Last month I began to introduce you to the staff of your Online Communities; the people behind the scenes keeping things up and running, events streaming, chat happening, and encouragement flowing.  So today I want to introduce you to our next staff member: Courtney Meyer – Online Communities Office Assistant.

Who are you? This can be likes, dislikes, hobbies, family etc.

I am originally from California and I am currently a senior here at Liberty University studying graphic design.  I enjoy doing most anything artsy, from photography to dancing to Pinterest (wait, does that count?) Traveling is also a passion of mine, England being my favorite destination. I am quite fond of Dr. Pepper, skittles, and chicken quesadillas.

As an alumnus of Liberty University, what did you study at Liberty? Why? 

My first two years of college I studied with Liberty University Online, then transferred to the Liberty campus my junior year. Having a Christian education was an important value to me, and wanting to study art, Liberty was one of the few Christian schools that had a good art program. One thing I really appreciate about Liberty is that their motto “Training Champions for Christ” is not just a motto, but it is truly at the core of everything they do. Being trained as a champion for Christ is the most important education one can have.

Why do you like working at Online Communities.

It is wonderful to work for a department that cares so sincerely for people and their academic journey. As a former online student, I know it can be difficult to feel connected and find others with a similar education experience. To be able to have Online Communities providing connectivity and an engaging atmosphere between the LU campus and our online students is really fantastic.

Now it’s your turn.  What are some of your hobbies and passions? Tell us in the Comments below.


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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Financial Aid & the Online Student

As we gear up for a new term here at Liberty University Online, we thought it might be helpful to hear from one of our supporting offices: Liberty University Financial Aid.

Rachel Myers - Communications Coordinator with the Liberty University Financial Aid office has graciously agreed to answer some general questions about financial aid.

What types of services are available to our online students?

  • The Financial Aid Office provides assistance for a variety of reasons.  We help families through Verification once a FAFSA is completed, we walk students through the loan application process, answer questions about the FAFSA, provide pro-active communications about the status of a student’s financial aid and much more. 
  • One of our most recent offerings that we are extremely excited about is our free financial literacy class, FNLT 101.  The content is from a collaborative effort with The Lampo Group, Inc., founded by financial guru Mr. Dave Ramsey.  FNLT 101 is available to all of our students who are enrolled in a class and provides truly invaluable information to help not only during the time they spend in school, but for their financial awareness and health for life. 

What other aspect of financial aid would be valuable/important to highlight for our students? 

  • Our internal goals are to be professional, accurate and timely.  We purposefully compare our turnaround times with other schools and are very pleased with the results.  For example, once a student submits everything needed for Verification of their financial aid information, a good school will review that within 2 or 3 weeks.  We often complete this in just a day.  This helps us to meet student’s needs in a pragmatic and substantial way.  By keeping our turnaround goals tight and looking for innovative ways to help make the financial aid process smoother, we hope it helps students see that the process does not have to be difficult or overwhelming. 
  • Something that may have seemed like a small change, but has impacted our students and our internal operations in a huge way was moving almost all of our required student forms from paper to electronic processing.  This saves time for the student, eliminates concerns about postage or lost documents, increases tracking and reporting abilities for our teams and most importantly, it cuts down the time between a document leaving the student to reaching us for processing.  It truly is a win for everyone.  

What is the best way for online students to contact financial aid for questions and help? 

  • Our office strives to make every avenue of contacting us efficient, but we have received extremely positive feedback regarding our Live Chat.  We also have agents available Monday-Friday from 8 am -10 pm and Saturday from 9 am-6 pm to answer phone calls. (434) 582-2270 OR (888) 583-5704.   Lastly, we have our email inbox, which we keep response times within 24-48 hours. 

How have the various Liberty University support offices helped you in your educational journey this far?  Feel free to leave your comments below. 


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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Be Courageous" - A Staff Highlight

Last month I began to introduce you to the staff of your Online Communities; the people behind the scenes keeping things up and running, events streaming, chat happening, and encouragement flowing.  So today I want to introduce you to our next staff member.  

Who are you? This can be likes, dislikes, hobbies, family etc. 

"My name is William and I consider myself to be an easygoing and driven man with big dreams.  I have learned that the only thing stopping me from doing anything is myself.  Not even satan, with an intentional lower-cased "s", can stop us when we are submitted and trusting in Christ.  I really enjoy longboarding, playing ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, shooting archery, reading, videogames and writing fiction. I have a passion for encouraging people to break out of their comfort zones and to be courageous in whatever pursuits they are striving for. 

I'm from Chesapeake, Virginia, but I've lived in Germany for 7 years because my dad was in the army. No, I don't speak German, but I do speak Spanish! My parents are happily married and I have a sister and two brothers.  Random fact: Sometimes I like to have staring contests with animals. If there is a cat, dog or squirrel hanging out somewhere, I'll stare it down until it breaks eye-contact. Then I say to them "Ha! I won."

One of my pet peeves is when people don't say “excuse me” or “thank you” when it should have been said. Bad manners in general are pretty lame.

As an alumnus of Liberty University, what did you study at Liberty? Why? 

 I graduated from Liberty in 2014 with a degree in Digital Media: Video/Audio. I love video production. I love it because it gives me a chance to create something from nothing and I'm able to enjoy the finished product over and over. I chose Liberty because I heard it was a great Christian school, and my brother was also attending here.  I would have to say that working in my passion with Online Communities is my favorite part about it. Helping online students connect better with each other and the campus, through video, helps me to wake up every morning feeling epic! 

Why do you like working at Online Communities? 

I don't know the future, but I can see myself staying with Online Communities for a long time, because the purpose of the department is so vital.  There are thousands of online students across the globe we get to connect, engage and encourage, and I am honored to be a part of such an important cause.


Now it's your turn! What passion has God placed in your heart? Who has he called you to reach? 


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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Liberty Homecoming - Campus Highlights

It's hard to believe that we are standing on the brink of another season.  Summer's long fingers of warmth are slowly fading away, replaced with cool nights and falling leaves.  

I love the transition of seasons because each season brings its own memories and traditions.  For our Liberty family, one of those long held traditions is Homecoming weekend; a time for Alumni, staff and students to gather for a weekend of connecting and catching up with old and new friends.  There is carnival fun, tailgate visiting and football cheering to be done.  It is also a great time to see how God has been growing our Liberty family, not only in students but through campus expansion and new programs.   There is so much to see and do here at Liberty and we invite you to come and join us this weekend (October 3-4).

While you are here check be sure to check out these great campus highlights:

Jerry Falwell Museum - a fascinating history of God's story here on Liberty Mountain.  It is truly inspiring how God has used the Falwell family to begin a lasting legacy at Liberty University.

The National Civil War Chaplains Museum - What an incredible history!  A few weeks ago I visited the Civil War Museum and I was blessed to learn how approximately 3,700 Chaplains served during the Civil War. This museum is the only one of its kind, set aside to specifically honor these men and women of faith.  You can read more about the Chaplains Museum here. (Note: The museum is now located between the Liberty Hancock Welcome Center & the Montview Mansion)

The Montview Mansion - A few weeks ago I had a wonderful tour around this beautiful home.  Not only does this home have wonderful architecture, but a fascinating and rich history, beginning with its original owner, US Senator Carter Glass.

Here are the details if you are interested in visiting while on campus for Homecoming:

Jerry Falwell Museum - open Monday-Friday 8-5, weekend by appointment

Chaplains Museum - open Wednesday - Friday 1:00-5:00, Saturday 10:00-4:00 & Sunday 1:00-5:00

Montview Mansion - open Monday-Friday 9:00-4:30 with tours being offered daily. 

Admission is Free to both Museums and Mansion. 

Come Discover Liberty with us this weekend.  It's always good to come Home.


Are you coming to Homecoming 2014? If so, what are you looking forward to the most?


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