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Online Communities - Discover Your Campus

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Artists Everywhere Rejoice!

It seems like every year Liberty announces a new program or addition to the university that makes it stand out even more.  This year, the Studio and Digital Arts (SADA) department proudly announced the brand new Bachelors of Fine Art and Masters of Fine Art programs at Liberty!   We are now only one of a few Christian universities to offer these highly distinguished programs in the arts.  The best news is that both of these programs are also available online!   


You may not know that as well as being a master’s degree, the MFA is considered a “terminal degree” in the art community.  This means that after completion, students could go on to pursue jobs in college teaching as well as any number of other positions.   


The online version of the BFA and MFA would be in the area of Graphic Design, since that is a medium of art that is easily completed in the online environment.  I was able to talk with Prof. Todd Smith, Chair of SADA about these new and exciting programs recently.  “The kind of classes that we would offer online are things like character design, digital imaging, digital photography, interactive game design, and many others,” said Smith.   





“The SADA Department provides numerous opportunities for graduate students to develop professionally — courses, seminars, internships, exhibits, visiting artists, and real-world learning experiences, just to name a few,” Smith said. “Our goal is to further enhance their overall preparedness for the field of art and design, much like what would be available from other schools. In addition, and what makes a Liberty University MFA distinct, is the goal of sending graduates into the field, whether as professors or in the industry, to be salt and light and to reflect God’s creativity.” 


The online version of the BFA and MFA will be launching this fall, and they are accepting applications now!  If you’re interested in pursuing your professional art degree, there’s no better place to start than here! 


Comment below with what you would do with an art degree, and what your favorite medium is! 



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