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Blog: Online Communities - Stay Connected

Friday, May 30, 2014

Tell Us About Yourself


Welcome to Online Communities at Liberty University!  We are thrilled that you have joined us.  This is your online community: new students and others who have decided to continue their education at Liberty University Online. 

Some Introductions

"Hello folks. I'm working on an MDiv. I love geocaching, SCUBA diving and sports with my kids."   - Rob

"My name is Verona and I live in Maryland. This is my first semester at Liberty University. I am a single proud mother of 3 children, two away from home and one at home. I am majoring in Psychology with Crisis Counseling. I am looking forward to meeting new friends in Christ."  - Verona

"Hi everyone, my name is Tyronica, Ty for short. I am pursuing a degree in Psychology: Christian Counseling. I thank God for Liberty University and all it has to offer. I pray for limitless success in the lives of each student, faculty, and future students. God Bless."  - Tyronica

Your Turn

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the community.  Perhaps tell us your name (first name only), where you live (city, state), what you are studying, when do you expect to graduate, a hobby and your favorite Bible verse.  Read through the comments below and get to know students like yourself.  Let's look for opportunities to build each other up in our faith and encourage each other to reach our academic goals.  God bless.

Online Communities Staff

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