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This week's featured speaker is: Louie Giglio

Date of the message: 11/7/14


Speaker: Louie Giglio

  • God says “Don’t be like him and don’t be like her, because I took a lot of time and energy making you exactly like you.”
  • “The most important thing that’s wired into you and me, is the ability to have a relationship with Almighty God.”
  • “God wants us leaned into Him, not looking for a plan.”
  • Oceans – Hillsong United, album:Zion
  • Psalm 37: 3-5
  • 1. Trust in the Lord and do good.
  • Trusting in the Lord is active, never passive.
  • “When we have a picture of a little God, we have a high need for a detailed plan. But when our view of God expands to an extraordinary God, we have a smaller need for a detailed plan.”
  • Genesis 12:1
  • “You only live one time – why would you want to retire? Why would you want to retire when there’s going to be a new heaven and a new earth showing up any day now?”
  • “Our lives are safest in the hands of God.”
  • 2. Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness.
  • “Today you have one major assignment: trust God for the future, cultivate faithfulness with whatever your hands are on right now.”
  • “There are no wasted moments in the economy of God.”
  • 3. Delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.
  • “God’s going to trump your desires, and He’s going to open up a story for that’s going to fulfill your heart, if you delight in Him”
  • 4. Commit your way to Him. Trust in the Lord and He will do it.
  • “I am the sovereign God. I am orchestrating the affairs of the world…He’s working it all into a beautiful plan for you. All you have to do today is open your hands and trust Him, and He will do it.”

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