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  • I'm a first year Grad student here at Liberty and Convo has been a blessing.
  • Dr. Jay is on my top 10 list!!!


  • Thank you for all your encouragement and prayers.  It means so much to me.  Everyone that I have encountered at Liberty has been so kind and so helpful.  It's nice to know that there is always help available be it educational or spiritual.  Tonight I will be doing the first in a series of webinars.  I'm starting with the library one.  Then I want to do the orientation and then the one on Blackboard.  These are such great tools available for those of us who are online.  I know that the Lord has lead me to this school as He has opened door after door as I went through the enrollment and registration processes.  I know as long as I allow Him to guide me into doing work for His glory and His name my path will be a sure one.  - Linda


  • Hello. My name is Margarita and I am a married mother of 2 children. I reside in Atlanta, GA. I have a Masters in Teaching and am now pursuing my Masters in Counseling. I am happy to be a part of Liberty. - Margarita ("Tell Us About Yourself" Blog Page)
  • Hello classmates! Darren here. I am a 33yr old carpenter from Lady's Island, South Carolina. My hobbies include reading,cooking,fishing,and good ole' conversation. I have led a disgraceful life up until I met our King. I would not change one day of those 27 years of pain if it meant not knowing our Lord of mercy. He has done a great work in me, and although my good deeds are but filthy rags before Him, I will do all by His unchanging love for me through Christs deed on Calvary. I start classes in January and hope to graduate by 2019(though His will, never mine). My major will be in Biblical studies and theology, but this could change as I have a real heart for the alcoholics and addicts in our world. My prayer is that we all take this opportunity presented to us and let it be a tool to display Gods glory and further His name. So with that said peace and love. - Darren ("Tell Us About Yourself" Blog Page)

Bible Reading

  • Hi All, I’ve just finished reading Deuteronomy.  It never fails to amaze me that we human beings just don’t get it.  The All Mighty gives us a chance after chance to “enter the promised land”, yet, we don’t take the steps that He has clearly marked out for us.  Plus, He knows that we are going to screw up.  We just need to follow Him.  Why do our feeble minds think we know best.  God’s incomprehensible love for us is just something that can’t be explained.  I don’t believe that the human language (any of them) has words that could even come close to describing this love.  I don’t know how He does it, but I’m thankful for God’s love.  - Gary
  • I’m currently re-reading through the Bible. My method is a little ‘backwards,’ in that I always begin with the NT, then finish in the OT.  My reasoning being, I always want to begin with hope and grace, getting a full picture of the glory of Christ. He, being the author of my faith, sustainer and portion, Alpha and Omega, should always be the focus. When I go to the OT, I see WHY Yeshua came. It’s a reminder of the power of God and the frailty and imperfection of man. He could have left us there. He could have looked at our wickedness and said, “OK. This was a bad idea. I’m done.” He didn't do that.  So, I insulate my heart with His love before I venture into the territory of the OT. Even though I already know how it turns out, I like having that comfort. It helps put some of the more raw and ugly parts into perspective. So many non-believers will read the OT first and because they read it without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they use it to condemn the faith.  I’m currently in the book of Ezekiel. Given the current climate of the world, I’m seeing a lot of parallels. So much wrong, but still, so much hope. - Rebecca

Serving Others

  • I live in the State of New Jersey and volunteer with a group called 'NJ Cares. - Wanda
  •  am a singer and musician and minister to hospice patients and families in my community. - Denise