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Encouragement from Online Communities

Monday, May 25, 2015

A Day to Remember



Memorial Day is a day many view as a day off of work, or a long weekend on the lake.  And while it's true that this is a national holiday that most businesses observe, this in not even close to what Memorial Day is all about.


Most Americans probably don't know that Memorial Day started just after the Civil War.  Due to the vast number of American lives lost, a day of remembrance was established.  Since then, it has come to represent every war in America's history and we honor the lives of those who gave it all to defend America and the cause of Freedom.


Many of you in the online community are either actively serving, have served, or are related to someone in the military.  We at Online Communities want to thank you personally for your service and dedication.  I don't personally know what it must be like to be in active duty, or to be related to someone who is, but my husband's father was in the Navy, and much of his memories growing up revolve around his dad's service.  I know from him how much of your life is given to Freedom.


To those of you who have lost loved ones due to war, we honor and respect their memory, and thank you for sharing their lives for our protection.  It is a gift we can never repay, and a loss that can never be fully understood.  May our thanks serve as a small token of appreciation in comparison to your sacrifice.


To those of you who have been injured in combat, we applaud you.  Your courage is unparalleled, and we thank you for your sacrifice that you now have to make every day.  There is no way in which to repay you, but we are free because of you.  Thank you for giving of yourself in a way that many of us will never have to.


And to those currently serving our country.  Thank you.  Without your dedication and perseverance through difficulty we would not be the nation that we are today.  It is because of you that we are able to walk safely to school and work, worship in churches without fear, and follow our dreams without restraint in a country that is free and absent of dictatorship.  Never let anyone discourage you, but revel in the fact that you are helping to protect this country and the people you love.


If you have loved ones in the military, please write below a message of support and encouragement!  We would love to hear their stories and be praying for them by name.




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