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"I am a wife to Brian & Mom to our four girls...living in a very loud house.  Imperfect & flawed but saved by God's grace. This space is dedicated to encouraging you, our online students, as you pursue your education here at Liberty University. I look forward to connecting with you here."



Encouragement from Online Communities

Monday, March 23, 2015

5 Keys To Study Success

It’s hard to believe that we are now in the spring term here at Liberty University.  For our residential students that means their year is wrapping up in the next two months.  However, for our online students, classes may just be starting as many of you continue into the summer terms with your education.

Here are 5 suggestions towards study success:

  1. Make sure you have your study materials gathered and books purchased: There is nothing more heart stopping then getting to the first day of class and realizing you are missing a key book or item. Your professor/instructor will send you a list in advance. Make good use of that time before class starts to get all set.
  2. Set aside a quiet study place: I know this can feel near impossible, especially if you have children, but it does make studying easier.  My favorite spots: the local library, an empty park bench, a quiet corner at a local coffee shop, or when all else failed, the kids backyard fort. Really! I did. Some days, you just do what you have to do. 
  3. Communicate with your family: I know this might seem obvious, but let your family know what to expect.  Let them know what kind of time you need to accomplish the work required. I found when I communicated with my family, they functioned much better and it saved a lot of frustration for all of us. 
  4. Allow enough time to study:  I know this one might seem obvious too, but usually it takes a lot longer than you think it will.  Be realistic in allocating study time.  Be willing to readjust as needed. Many professors/instructors will indicate how much study time your course will take.  It is always wise to plan accordingly. 
  5. Remember that rest and family time are important:  No matter how badly you want to get an "A" in your class, nothing is more important than a strong family and finding moments to rest. In my last semester of school I had a lot on my plate - as a pastor's wife, mom, student, and business owner.  Each was important and all worthy of my undivided attention.  However, I realized that if I didn't get an "A" in the class it was not the end of the world. What was most important was my relationship to God and to my family.  Sure, I still worked hard but in the end it came down to those two things.

So, there you have it. Five steps to a great term.   By no means is this list all inclusive or exhaustive - I'm sure we can add to it all day long. 

So what would you add? For those of you who have already been online students, what has helped you be successful as you have pursued your degree? 


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