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Encouragement from Online Communities

Monday, April 20, 2015

Get Outside!


As an online student, it's easy to spend most of your time indoors working on school work.  Have you been looking at the computer screen studying so long that you can’t see straight?  Get outside for 30 minutes and you’ll be amazed at how much more energy you’ll have! 
It’s easy to get caught up reading or researching answers to questions.  Before you know it you’ve spent 5 hours straight staring at a screen!  Give your eyes (and body) a break and add some energy back into your study battery.  
Studies have shown that not only does stepping out into the sunshine boost your mood, but it’s actually good for your body too.  Just 30 mins in the sun help your body produce Vitamin D, a needed nutrient to help you thrive.  And that fresh air does your lungs a lot of good, not to mention just the act of moving from indoors to outdoors will get your body moving some! 
Here’s some ideas of what you can do in those 30 mins of outdoor free time. 

1. Take a Walk.  There’s nothing like getting  the blood pumping to help your brain work faster.   Plus those good hormones released during exercise help boost your study mood!  
2. Weed Your Garden.  Whether you have your own flower patch, a full garden, or just a strip of grass between you and the sidewalk, it will make your greenery look and grow better by removing those pesky unwanted plants from the area.  Onion grass (those tall onion-smelling shoots) are common for springing up from nowhere.  Be sure you get the whole bulb when you dig it up, or else it will come back again before you know it! 
3. Soak Up Some Rays.  Maybe digging for weeds isn’t your thing, that’s okay!  Pull out a lawn chair and roll up those sleeves and get some sun on your skin.  Be sure to wear sunblock if you plan on being in direct sunlight for more than a few minutes.  But getting a little sun now will help you get ahead on your summer glow!  Shorts weather is coming! 

4. Go for a Drive.  Sometimes, you just gotta take a drive.  Roll down the windows and cruise the more relaxed locations of town.  Maybe stop at a local park and stretch your legs some before going home.  A change of scenery is always a nice way to break up a day, and a drive in the car is a fast way to do just that! 
5. Take Your Work Outside! Maybe you don't have time to take a break from your studies, but that doesn't mean you can't get some fresh air and sunshine!  Take your books and laptop outside for a refreshing change of scenery.  
Do you have other quick outdoor ideas or suggestions?  Post them below!  Your ideas could help others take a break and refresh their brains!





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