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CSER Opportunities - Chat Moderator


What is Online Communities?

We want to engage online students and guests in the events and services of the university.  We also look for ways to be a source of spiritual encouragement to each of our visitors.  We accomplish this with the following:

  • Streaming live and recorded events (ex. Convocation and Campus Church)
  • Posting helpful resources
  • Providing engagement and connection opportunties for the online community
  • Engaging online students in social media


Chat Moderators

Our CSER students take on the role of Chat Moderator during our streaming events.  This means he or she will chat online with online students, alumni, parents and guests from all over the world. These students must be residential students who can work from our office in Green Hall for their shifts.


Sample Comments from Live Chat

  • "I am a new student to Liberty and just loving the opportunities to be blessed throughout the day."  Dianne (live chat on 12/12/13)
  • "Praise the Lord! Good morning good to be with you from GA."  Terry (live chat on 12/2/13)
  • "I'm an online student and my friend told me about Online Communities."  Taylor (live chat on 11/22/13)


Apply for this CSER Opportunity Online

If you are interested in this CSER position:

  • Login to ASIST
  • Select "Student"
  • Select "Registration"
  • Select "Christian Service"
  • Sign in with your Username and Password and select the semester you'd like to work
  • Select "385-001 Online Communities" under the first drop down menu
  • Select "VA-Online Communities" in second drop down menu (which will show up after you select 385-001)
  • Select "Marker, Brian" under the Supervisor drop down (which will show up after you select VA-Online Communities)
  • Check "I have contacted my supervisor" after you have emailed us regarding the position.
  • Sign and date the form
  • Submit the form

Our office will be in touch with you to set up an interview.



Email Online Communities if you have any questions about CSER opportunities.


Office Location

We are located in Green Hall, Room 1881-A, across from Housing.