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  • "I am a member of Marlboro Gideon Camp,(jail ministry, Bible distributions at our local schools, visitation at nursing homes), part of local Emmasus community."  - Jimmy
  • "I serve as program coordinator for many of our church events and youth activities. As a new member of LU, I'm excited to begin this yet another spiritual journey."  - Towanda
  • "I sing on our Praise team at church. I teach Sunday School, volunteer my time to help others who are troubled and help underprivileged kids go to college and beyond."  - Loryree
  • "I am working to set up a community outreach ministry for women.  Our purpose is to bring women together across all denominations, economic statuses, and to break down racial barriers to come together to glorify the name of God."  Kelly
  • "I serve my community mostly through my nursing practice.  I have a good ministry at work."  Regina
  • "I started an outreach program about 4 years ago for the homeless children in our town with our church.  We buy gifts for the homeless school children and include a message of hope in Jesus then the school's homeless liaison delivers them.  This year we are working on 78 children."  Theresa


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Online Community, let’s take some time to encourage each other to serve in our communities.  Use the links below to locate a food bank, church, hospital, homeless shelter or other resource.

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