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Blog: Online Communities Bible Study

Friday, April 24, 2015

How Have You Trusted God

Graduating Online Students,

Has this semester or last sub-term been a challenging time in your life?  How did you trust God through it?  We want to use this blog as a place for you to share your challenges and your successes with our online community. 

Getting Started as a New Online Student

Do you remember when you started out?  Did you struggle as a new student?  Were you overwhelmed by the requirements, the technology, the discussion boards, the papers?  How did you trust God throughout the process?

Financial Provisions

Did you always have sufficient financial resources to pay for your classes?  How did you trust God in this area?  How did He provide?

Family Life

Was there a lot going on at home while you studied over the past few years?  How did you make your family life and routine work so that you could study?  How did you trust God?

Getting that Job

Have you gotten that job you wanted?   What has that process been like for you?   Tell us how you have trusted God for your dream job.

Tell us your story and let each of us encourage those online students coming behind you.

Know that we are all proud of you and God bless.

Ted Whitney

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